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Winter Gold (SNES)

Winter Gold SNES Title screen.


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Winter Gold Credits


Developed byFuncom Oslo for Nintendo of America Inc
Executive ProducersTony Harman (Anthony Harman), Erik Gloersen
Producer Brian Ullrich
DirectorHenning Rokling
Additional DesignKen Lobb, Joseph Bayne
Main ProgrammerOlav Mørkrid
Main ModellerRune Spaans
ModellersDennis Hansen, Daniel Staver
Polygon ProgrammersPaul Endre Endresen, Steinar Midtskogen
Game ProgrammersJoakim Jönsson, Frank Andrew Stevensen (Frank Stevenson)
ToolsAndré Johansen, Stein Pedersen
Music and SoundJeroen Tel (of Maniacs of Noise)
Cleanup ArtistsTom Tømmervåg Gjerde (Tom T Gjerde), Odd Rune Hansen, Jack Kristoffersen, Dagfinn Mørkrid
DancingJannicke S. Olsen
Special ThanksMike Fukuda, Michael Kelbaugh (Mike Kelbaugh), Richard S. Richardson (Rich Richardson), Chris Needham, Erich Waas, Stacey Peterson, Scott Stinson, Jeff Bafus, Greg Richardson, Isaac Marshall, Henry C. Sterchi (Henry Sterchi), Henning Solberg, Alf Ragnar Yngve (Alf Yngve), Maria Mørkrid, Øystein Andersen
©1996Nintendo of America Inc

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (42536)