The Wizard of Oz Credits (SNES)

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The Wizard of Oz Credits


Presented bySETA

Manley and Associates, Inc. Project Team

Project DirectionIvan Manley
DesignCarol Manley, Hans Piwenitzky
ProgrammingJeffrey S. Blazier, James Grundell
ArtworkJonathan Sposato, Rebecca Coffman
MusicRobert Ridihalgh
SoundRobert Ridihalgh
Play TestingJerry McManus, Dorothy Gale
SETA U.S.A., Inc. Project TeamTom Shizuma, Chuck Vowel, Carol Harris, Graig Lundskog, Traci McCarty, The Scarecrow
Moore and Price Design Group, Inc. Project TeamDenny Moore, Tracy Price, Kathy Tucker, Jeff Eaton, Greg Winters, The Tin Man
Turner Home Entertainment Yo, Ted... Great Group of People!!! Thanks!Lois Sloan, Carole Postal, Michael Tabakin, Ed Casey, Donna Scott, The Cowardly Lion
Special Thanks to EMI Music PublishingMarsha Tannenbaum, ...and Toto Too!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)