Zoop Credits


Designed in the UK byHookstone Ltd.
Programmed in the UK byPanelComp Ltd.
ProgrammerJohn Rocke
Graphic ArtistsPeter Tattersall, Malcolm Cooper, Ian J. Bowden
Hookstone Worldwide RepresentationJohn Cook, Bad Management
Executive ProducerI. Kenneth Miller
Managing ProducerN. Matthew Welton
Production CoordinatorAmanda P. Herman
Technical DirectorJim Hanson
Sound ProducerStephen W. Boyer
Sound CoordinatorClifford Falls
Music DesignBrian Schmidt
Sound DesignBrian Schmidt
Super Nintendo Sound Driver Provided byVisual Concepts Entertainment Inc.
Music CompositionBob Scumaci
Additional Music CompositionMark Davis
SMSG 3.06wJason G. Andersen, John Schappert
Graphic DesignHigashi Glaser Design
Manual DesignBeeline Group Inc.
Additional ArtJarod Pranno
Additional AnimationJarod Pranno
Development SupportBaki Allen, Chase Ayers, Scott Lawrence, Gus Peterson, John Podlasek, Sirena Rana, David Casso, James Raff, Tom Hanson
Special ThanksEugene Evans, Stephen Gass, Melinda Fishman

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (117121), Corn Popper (69532) and formercontrib (159638)