Sniper Elite III: Afrika

Sniper Elite III: Afrika Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen
Main title
Main menu
Every mission prologue is told via animated stills
Loading screens provide useful and funny tips
The help isn't coming, it's time to take matters into my own hands
Bullet camera showing bullet flying toward one of the enemy spotters
Holding Tobruk doesn't seem easy
Hold R1 to focus and steady your aim before the shot
Enemy reinforcements incoming
Use bandages to heal your wounds
The city is under heavy enemy shelling
Bullet camera showing bone shattering gore details
Using German MP-40 for close combat
Weapon loadout for the mission
Mission map
Inventory wheel
Using binoculars to tag your targets
Close-quarter takedown
Taking out the motor pool
Taking out the armored vehicle
Need to find a way around the machine-gun nest
Takedown will be performed differently based from where you attack the guard
There are fuel barrels beneath this artillery gun which can help you blow it out without firing a bullet
Bullet camera also sometimes shows the details of vehicle engine
Use silenced gun for a stealth kill
Taking out the tank will require patience
You can assign up to four different weapon loadouts
Getting into the fortress is going to be tricky
Rescuing fellow soldier
You can try a headshot for a single kill, or shoot the fuel barrel behind the guard for greater destruction
Enemy riflemen fire with greater precision so take them out first
There are several pre-defined vantage points for a sniper on each mission
Overhearing the guards... luckily for you, they will reveal key information in English
Passing by planes will often camouflage the fire sound from your sniper rifle, so use that to your advantage if you don't want your location to get revealed
Don't try direct conflict with a tank, you don't stand a chance
Wait for a halftrack to pass you by and try to hit the gunner from behind
Placing a dynamite behind the Tiger tank
Enemy snipers are camouflaged and harder to spot, but you can notice the flash of their sniper scope
Silencing the enemy operator
Help your comrades take over the German airfield
Bullet camera towards so many easy to pick off targets
One shot, two kills
A lone scout on the cliff
It's a long way down, watch your threading
Facing the menacing General in his base of operations
Karl is man of few words, but plenty bullets
That is one big tank they're building
Halftracks also have key weak points which makes them vulnerable to sniper fire
Using mounted gun against enemy soldiers

Sniper Elite III: Afrika Screenshots

Windows version

Even in this relatively plotless game they found a place to cram some drama in. No man-tears were shed during that cutscene. (Eyefinity mode)
"But then I got a bullet to the knee" Anatomically correct killcam make Saw aficionados blush in the corner. (Eyefinity mode)
Impersonating Sam Fisher Sr. over here. (Eyefinity mode)