Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Game story is told throughout three acts.
You will be prompted at places where you can climb on to.
Press L3 to hold breath and steady your aim before the shot.
When teamed with your spotter, you will often time your shots to take multiple targets at the same time.
Enemy soldiers on the bridge above us... you can see the dust fall as they stomp across.
Hiding in the deep grass.
Sneak up from behind to perform a silent kill.
Enemy boat patrolling the river... need to wait for a better opportunity to engage.
Observe, but don't shoot if you can't take all targets at once.
Mission briefing.
Water is your friend, dive under to hide from the enemy patrols.
Use your binoculars to mark targets.
Taking out the guard at the dock.
When targets are far away, you will see a red circle showing you where bullet will hit.
Killing the last enemy on the scene usually activates the bullet camera.
Red outline on your radar shows from the direction form where someone has spotted you, so hide until it's too late.
Reaching the boat house.
Priority targets will be marked in order as you take them out, one or two at the time.
Taking out the enemy sniper.
Bullet camera... notice the bullet flying toward the enemy soldier.
Your sidearm might be more useful for in-door firefight.
If enemy is hidden, wait patiently until the opportunity presents itself.
Pinned down by the enemy patrol.
Witnessing atrocities... cut-scenes are few and far in between.
Pause menu shows you mission objectives.
Taking photos of war crimes.
Any tanks and armored vehicles you may spot will luckily just pass by, you won't engage and heavy armor throughout this game.
Your heart rate accelerates whenever you dash which makes your aiming hand more shaky until you calm down a bit.
Watch out for the spotlights.
Hiding in the shadows.
You don't need to engage in every firefight, pick your fights wisely.
The only way to escape the patrol was to jump in the freezing water.
You can carry up to two medkits at the time.
Many silent kills seem to have pre-determined connection to the environment (like throwing someone off the cliff or pulling his body out of clear sight).
Surprisingly, killing someone in the middle of a phone call will not trigger any alert.
Diaz is your present time spotter.
One shot, two kills.
Crawling across the bridge while pinned down by the enemy sniper fire.