SNK Gals Fighters Screenshots (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting your favorite nice cute female fighter.
While Athena uses her new Psycho "Kensou" Reflector, Akari waits doing her "chewing-gumming" taunt.
Shiki connects a accurate set of 10-hit combo in Shermie with her mystical move Shika Psycho Ball.
Yuri Sakazaki immediately requests a big little help of her father during the move "Takuma Strike!".
Nakoruru uses her sword to block Mai Shiranui's offensive with the high-sized fan DM Big Bird Bash.
Leona Heidern making a bitten 3-hit combo in Mai through a bloody version of her DM Grateful Dead.
Yuri feels the power of Shiranui flames in a slightly redrawn version of Mai's DM Deadly Ninja Bees.
If both players run simultaneously, they will collide: press the buttons quickly to stop this mess!
Using old-skool classic clothes, Athena takes full advantage of her Psycho Sword move: literally...
With the help of monsters and fighters, Akari's DM 100 Demon Sabbath is a true hitting-happy-hour!
A powerful clashing move encounter envolving Leona's Earring (?) Bomb and Yuri's Chou Knuckle.
During Akari's Inviting Feline move, the opponent will be trapped in an explosive cat-shaped statue.
Introduction frame – a close-up of Athena Asamiya using her King of Fighters '99 clothes.
Grabbed in the tail of her pet wolf Silkou, Nakoruru smashes Shermie in a hyper frontal attack.
Leona Heidern is suddenly knocked down by Mai Shiranui's stomping-parachuted butt attack.
Athena was knocked-out and Shermie's commemoration comes in the form of an elegant victory pose...
In a move of luck, Athena does her Psycho Teleport and successfully avoids Mai Shiranui's sweep.
During her DM Transmigration of Souls, Shiki catches the fighter in a serpent and drain some health.
Using her perforator-exploding DM Rebel Spark, Leona puts a end in the battle against Nakoruru!
Using her powerful legs, Shermie immoblilizes Athena in an super enlacing move named Shermie Spiral.
In one of her DMs, Nakoruru kicks a big ice stone guided by her sister Rimururu: it's a nice "shot"!
Yuri is back to action, but this time she does her DM Super Upper, making a 3-hit combo in Leona
Using her DM-based taunt, a stylish and well-dressed Mai Shiranui will drain opponent's power gauge.
Yuri Sakazaki makes a single hit point damage in Athena Asamiya after executing her taunt.
Without time to escape, Leona goes to heights in the boosted rocket of Akari's DM Sextet Synthesis.
Carefully ducked, Nakoruru are waiting Yuki's Scream damaging effect ends to start a counter-attack.
Leona doing the Air Knock Off Attack above Whip, that still executes her shooting move Desert Eagle.
Akari Ichijyou burning in purple flames during Miss "Iori" X's anti-air move 100 Shiki: Oni Yaki.
Burned Akari
Ass attack
Special background
Low kick
Like Fatality
Swords in hand to hand combat. Unfair
Finish her!
Boss (Iori) appears!
Last Fight
In bed