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Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game

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Yes, it's childish, but it's nice DOS Nowhere Girl (1517)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 1 2.5
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 1 votes...
Atari ST 1 2.0
CDTV Awaiting 1 votes...
DOS 4 3.1
ZX Spectrum 1 2.0
Combined MobyScore 7 2.7

The Press Says

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Atari STThe Games Machine (UK)
Snoopy - The Cool Computer Game is presented in the same style as Garfield's Big Fat Deal. The characters are large and well drawn; at least we recognised all the members of the Peanuts cartoon strip. Anyone with a soft spot for Snoopy should take a look.
Atari STST Action
But cute characters alone maketh not the game! The most noticeable fault with Snoopy is the slow, somewhat somnolent, pace to the game which fails to excite. Again, excellent characterization, but the game itself would appeal more to a younger age group who will appreciate the joy of actually being able to control Snoopy.
AmigaPower Play
Ganz herzig für kleinere Kinder, doch routinierte Spieler werden hier gelangweilt.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Nein Leute, Snoopy - The cool Computer Game ist überhaupt nicht cool, sondern ein ziemlicher Flop. Den zweiten Lösungsweg, den die Programmierer laut Packung eingebaut haben, um auch Profi-Zocker länger bei der Stange zu halten, hätte man sich ruhigen Gewissens sparen können. Oder wer hat schonmal von Profi-Zockern im Vorschulalter gehört?