Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Credits screen
Title screen
Getting something to eat
Going through the kitchen
Woodstock... What does this bird say?
You must get rid of that rainy cloud

Amstrad CPC version

Main menu
Starting location
This is my bowl.
Good grief, Charlie Brown.
Near the street.
It is Schroeder.
Making Snoopy jump.
The kite-eating tree.

Atari ST version

Credits screen
Title screen
Getting something to eat
In front of the house
This watch will tell you how much time is left to solve the task
What's this frog good for?

DOS version

Opening Credits - Snoopy posing his famous "blind-man" pose
Opening Title - The "The-Edge" Logo goes up and down in a kind of irritating way
This is where you start...hmm empty dish bowl
Go left and you find...
Back door...hmm I think I forgot something...arf!
You can press the action button to find out info on certain objects...
Here's the kitchen...where's Charlie Brown? I'm hungry...woof!
Here's Charlie Brown in the living room...and a jar of cookies? (Now where did I put that my bowl?)
Catching the frog
The town - the graphics are very simple, yet so nice and "sunny"...
Another view of the town
The school
Solution A - shooting balloons to get the pump
Solution B - getting the characters distracted at the piano
Title screen (EGA)
Snoopy's house (EGA)
Meeting Charlie Brown (EGA)
Adventure begins (CGA)
Meet Charlie Brown (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
The load screen is displayed by the game's main menu
The game starts in the back yard
When Snoopy is near an object, looking down causes him to pick it up
Pressing 'FIRE' causes Snoopy to use the object he's holding, in this case he ate the food
Hidden inside Snoopy's house is a typewriter
Snoopy will identify objects he's standing cause to, or sometimes if he's holding them
Here he's just picked up and eaten a jar of cookies
Snoopy leaves the house still carrying the jar. making Snoopy look down again will cause him to put the jar on the ground but I'm letting him carry it in case he needs it
This is the next screen after leaving the house. There's something on the pavement but He can only hold one thing at once
The strange object turns out to be a watch
One screen to the right and there's a ball
two screens on and we have a mail box. Cannot do much with that yet...
Two more screens further on. This crack in the ground is as far to the right. I thought the jar might catch the frog but I was wrong
He's left the jar behind and is strolling left. The kite is too high up in the tree to reach
Though he can jump high enough that's not the way to get the apple
The raincloud blocks progress to the left. Its where the frog from the other end of the game has run to
This must be the end of the level because when the ball is thrown off screen .....
... it reappears behind him
At last, something to shoot with