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In Softporn Adventure, you goal is to find and seduce three women. Originally designed by Chuck Benton, it is a precursor to Leisure Suit Larry. The game is for adults, and is not suitable for children. In this game, you perform actions by using a verb-noun sequence, and only a verb-noun sequence. If you want to go in any direction, all you have to do is say where you want to go (eg: NORTH, UP) or abbreviate it (eg: N, U). In this walkthrough, directions are abbreviated.

You start inside the bar. ORDER WHISKEY. You will automatically give $100 to the bartender, who places the whiskey on the bar. TAKE WHISKEY and go W to a dimly lit hallway. TAKE FLOWERS from on to of the desk, and GIVE WHISKEY to the businessman and you will receive his television remote control. TAKE UNIT and go N to enter the bathroom. LOOK BASIN and you will see a ring. TAKE RING. Now LOOK GRAFFITI and write down the password. Go S and E. PUSH BUTTON. When you are asked for the password, enter the password that you found in the graffiti.

You will be let in to the backroom that has a television in the center of the room. Turn TV ON. It should already be tuned to a kinkiest X-rated movie entitled Deep Nostril!. It will ask you if you want to change the channel. Say N. Go U the stairs (you must have $2000) to arrive in the hooker's bedroom. TAKE CANDY from the table and go N. Now from the balcony, go D to fall in the garbage dumpster. LOOK GARBAGE to find an apple core. LOOK CORE and TAKE SEEDS from it. Go W and N to arrive outside the bar. HAIL CAB. When the driver asks you where to, say CASINO to be driven there. When the cab stops, PAY DRIVER.

Go E to enter the main casino room. Go E, U, and W to arrive in a hallway. LOOK ASHTRAY and TAKE PASSCARD from it. Next, go E, D, and W (x2). HAIL CAB. Say that you want to go to the DISCO. When you get to the disco, you will get out. PAY DRIVER and go E to the pharmacy. Inside, BUY RUBBER. Answer the questions the clerk asks you. When you're done, LOOK RACK and BUY MAGAZINE. A hint will be given to you on how to pick up a woman at a disco. Go W and N. SHOW PASSCARD to the bouncer outside the disco and go W to get inside.

First thing you should do here is BUY WINE. LOOK GIRL to find out about what she looks like. You need to make her happy, so GIVE FLOWERS, GIVE CANDY, and GIVE RING. She tells you to go to the marriage center. Aren't we dealing with this too soon? The wine arrives. TAKE WINE. Leave the casino by going E. Go S and GIVE WINE to the drunk and he will give you his pocket knight. Go E, DROP WINE, and go W, then TAKE KNIFE. HAIL CAB and take the driver to the CASINO. As always, PAY DRIVER. Get $3000 from playing the slot machines, then go N to the quickie marriage center. MARRY GIRL. She will tell you to meet her at the honeymoon suite at the casino. Go S and HAIL CAB. Go to the DISCO and PAY DRIVER. Go N and SHOW PASSCARD to the bouncer. Go W and S to the dimly lit hallway, with a phone there. DIAL 555-0987. A bottle of wine will be delivered to the suit. Go N, E, and S. HAIL CAB and go to CASINO. PAY DRIVER.

Go E (x2), U, W, and S to enter the honeymoon suite. Here is the moment you've been waiting for. SCREW GIRL. Instead of sex, the girl decides to play kinky games with you, and ties you to the bed. Good thing you have a knife handy, so use it to CUT ROPE, then TAKE ROPE. You have made out with your first girl. Now DROP KNIFE and DROP PASSCARD. Go N, E, and D. LOOK PLANT to reveal a group of bushes behind it. ENTER BUSHES to arrive in a lush garden. Here, TAKE STOOL and TAKE HAMMER. EAT MUSHROOM. You end up outside the bar.

Go S to enter the bar. PUSH BUTTON and say the magic word. Go E and U to enter the hooker's room. Now you have the rubber, now is a good time to WEAR RUBBER and SCREW HOOKER. Two girls down, one to go. DROP RUBBER and DROP UNIT. Go N to end up on the balcony and USE ROPE. Go W to land on a window ledge. BREAK WINDOW and go S into a room. TAKE PILLS. Leave the room by going N. Go E and DROP ROPE. Go D into the dumpster. Go W and HAIL CAB. Say CASINO and PAY DRIVER.

Go E (x2) and U. GIVE PILLS to the blonde. She gets turned on and leaves the room to find her boyfriend. DROP PILLS and DROP HAMMER. PUSH BUTTON and go E to enter the elevator. You will land on the roof where you see another hotel. In one of its room, a girl is seen prancing around in the nude. She notices you and closes the curtains. That's privacy for you. DROP STOOL and CLIMB STOOL LOOK CABINET and GET PITCHER. Now turn the WATER ON and FILL PITCHER. Leave the room by going W and PUSH BUTTON. Go D. Now ENTER BUSHES, WATER SEEDS, and TAKE APPLE. EAT MUSHROOM.

Go N and HAIL CAB. Say CASINO and PAY DRIVER. Go E (x2) and U. PUSH BUTTON. Go U, N, and D. GIVE APPLE to the girl here. She accepts your gift, so SCREW GIRL. The two of you live in absolute bliss. Game over.

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