Soko-Ban Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
In the lobby...
The game menu
Gameplay on the first level
Trapped on the second level

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
In the lobby...
Getting ready for a new game...
Gameplay on the first level
The second level

DOS version

The Elevator
Level 1
Level 2
Level 50
Level Constructor
A New Level !
Title screen (Tandy/PCjr)
The lobby (Tandy/PCjr)
Set up a new game (Tandy/PCjr)
The first level (Tandy/PCjr)
In the elevator (Tandy/PCjr)
Made a few mistakes on a more difficult level (Tandy/PCjr)

Epoch Game Pocket Computer version

Title screen
Level 1
You are the little (four pixels tall) guy in the middle
All the boxes must be moved in order so as not to block each other
Almost there...
Stage 1 clear
Stage 2
Now two boxes are stuck in a corner, with nowhere to go
Even the Game Pocket Computer version has a level editor

FM-7 version

Title screen
Starting out on level 1
Stuck again!

MSX version

Title screen
You may cr(e)ate your own mazes as well
First warehouse
Finished first maze
Second warehouse

PC-88 version

Title screen
Starting out on screen 1
Screen 1 clear
Screen 2
Screen 3

SG-1000 version

Title screen
Screen 1
Almost done!
Congratulations, you cleared screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
Lots of shuffling is needed here
Screen 5
Stuck again!
Editor menu
Demo screen

TRS-80 CoCo version

Title screen
The main menu
Pushing blocks on level one
Hmm, I might be stuck on level two...
Level 4 in one of the alternative color modes that don't rely on artifacting ("green mode")
Level 5, another color mode is shown ("buff")
When played on a CoCo 3, there are many more colors available to change the palette (level 1/RGB)
Level 2 with another CoCo 3 specific palette (composite)