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Sol-Feace Screenshots

Genesis version

Intense Action
These things try to cut off your path.
"You shall not PASS!"
Avoid the junk and the spaceship parts flying around.
The first mid-boss
You have to chase the first boss a little.
Stage 2 has robot arms reaching out for you.
Hammer time
Stage 2 mid-boss
The second boss
Your next destination

Sol-Feace Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Opening Movie
Title Screen
Beginning of Stage 1
Looks like some kind of Gradius ripoff!
Watch out for space debris and fireballs
Stage One Boss
Cutscene between stages. Break through the enemy's arsenal!
Stage 2 gameplay
Stage 2 gameplay
Stage 2 sub boss
Stage 2 boss

Sol-Feace Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Story intro
Animated intro: multi-directional, dual-occupant space fighter ship - Sol-Feace
The pilot: Eric Williams
His gunner Misao Hatanaka
Stage 1
First boss
Stage 2 and mr. funky robot over there "keepin' it real"
Second boss
Between stages there's a cutscene detailing the next mission, this one tells you to pass through a sphere "innediately"... sure thing
Stage 3