Sol-Feace Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Intense Action
These things try to cut off your path.
"You shall not PASS!"
Avoid the junk and the spaceship parts flying around.
The first mid-boss
You have to chase the first boss a little.
Stage 2 has robot arms reaching out for you.
Hammer time
Stage 2 mid-boss
The second boss
Your next destination

SEGA CD version

Opening Movie
Title Screen
Beginning of Stage 1
Looks like some kind of Gradius ripoff!
Watch out for space debris and fireballs
Stage One Boss
Cutscene between stages. Break through the enemy's arsenal!
Stage 2 gameplay
Stage 2 gameplay
Stage 2 sub boss
Stage 2 boss

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Story intro
Animated intro: multi-directional, dual-occupant space fighter ship - Sol-Feace
The pilot: Eric Williams
His gunner Misao Hatanaka
Stage 1
First boss
Stage 2 and mr. funky robot over there "keepin' it real"
Second boss
Between stages there's a cutscene detailing the next mission, this one tells you to pass through a sphere "innediately"... sure thing
Stage 3