Soldier of Fortune: Payback Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Mission briefing
Choose your gear.
Loading screen
The screen of death.
You know you are playing SoF when you see something like that.
Running for cover.
That one has a pretty heavy loadout.
That one is coming right at me trying to hit me with his rifle.
Reloading turns the focus on the weapon.
The good old mounted machine gun.
Reloading my shotgun.
He won't be able to finish reloading his rocket launcher.
Booom and the roadblock is gone.
!Slight Spoiler! Your friend turns on you.
Change the attachments on your weapon.
No, that's obviously not Crysis.
Another Asian guy bites the dust.
I have the high ground.
Silent kills are the most satisfying in every shooter.
An old ruin
And the grenade makes boom.
Hiding is futile. You will be killed.
That's one fine baby.
Sneaking up on a village.
At least it's only your left arm!
Unleashing carnage.
Another patrol won't know what hit'em.
The reload animations are detailed and smooth.
Explosives are your friend!
A small river flows through the desert.
Old men shouldn't join the terrorists.
Reloading the shotgun. I think the pre-columbian ruins will get a little collateral.
I sleep with this baby under the pillow.
Dual submachine gun: double the pleasure, double the taste.
Can I check in your hotel? No? OK then I'll leave this grenade here with you for 5 seconds... Bye bye!
Disco night! Muzzle flashes included when the DJ goes to the toilet.
This baby is so huge, I'm going to park it here between those SUV-s.
Nice hi-poly character models throughout the game. Although this guy will get a hi-poly bullet hole soon.
Quick, shoot him in the back!
Coming in from the rain
I will ingeniously disguise myself as rope and roll around this
A day in the hard life of a miner