Soldier of Fortune Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Intro cutscene, stage 1
Looks like he lost his head.
Playing with your knife
Reloading your shotgun.
Metro tunnels lit by bonfires.
Looks like someone else is about to lose his head.
Intro cutscene, stage 2
You'll have to face that chopper...
Nothing left behind.

Windows version

game title screen
menu screen
gang war my a$$, something more is up behind
don't eva leave your shotgun aside
oops, sorry pal, but you'd do the same to me if had a chance
Who does your hair? Bang, bang!!
night vision come in handy
soviet base
going for the nukes
these guys look serious, stealing 4 nukes proves that vicious look
first nuke is on the speeding train
even choppers aren't bulletproof
I'm sorry, did I blow your head off?
This is just too easy
I told you not to fuck around with me!
Mmm.. tasty..
I don't need a gun!
Select your weapons and items
Time for our next mission
Introduction to the Kosovo mission
I'm cutting my way through the catacombs
Your gas mask won't protect you now...
They're waiting for me...
Bot-match begins
Sniper rifle
Say goodbye to your little friend!
Death-match - so much fun!
Ninja? WTF?
Skin options