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Soldier of Light

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Amstrad CPC

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 2 2.2
Amstrad CPC 2 2.2
Arcade 1 2.0
Atari ST 2 3.2
Commodore 64 2 2.2
MSX 3 2.8
ZX Spectrum 3 2.6
Combined MobyScore 15 2.5

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK)
The largely monochrome graphics of Soldier Of Light are consistently impressive and fast, making the game visually top class. Sound FX are generally adequate while gameplay is both very challenging and addictive. In conclusion this is a great, if unoriginal, arcade conversion which makes excellent use of the Spectrum.
The Amiga version has lost a load of presentation and levels – when a game's multiload anyway you'd expect them to be included. Soldier of Light isn't too bad, but it should have been a lot better.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Again, a fun blast, but minus any graphic or sonic niceties. Arcade addicts and people who don't know what to blow their last two pounds on should be well pleased.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
Animation on objects is nominal, and Xain himself is particularly unimpressive in movement. He is a short fat sprite on the C64, but like most of the graphics, makes good use of resolution and colour. However, the scrolling play area is disappointingly short. Overall a good conversion on the C64.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK)
Soldier Of Light is in fact quite dim and dark making it occasionally difficult to see what exactly is going happening on-screen. A slight disappointment for 16-bits.
Commodore 64Zzap!
When you consider what makes games like Soldier of Light popular in the arcades, it usually boils down to a few basic elements – the graphics, the sound and the mindless action. Naturally the 64 can't hope to achieve the quality of audio and video that the coin-op offered, but when a horrendous control system plagues you then things begin to look a bit grim.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
All 8 bit versions reached a competent level in both graphics and sound. A well known, if slightly over rated coin-op conversion in it's day. Good buy for those determined to have every coin-op that ever bleeped in their collection.
Commodore 64Commodore Force
Ill thought-out graphics and clumsy controls are never the best ingredients to start a game recipe with. As you may have guessed, SOL has 'em both, a shame, as we could've had a playable blaster on our hands. It isn't that bad: there's just a few niggles that could (and should) have been ironed out. A lack of serious play-testing, I'll wager.
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
A well known, if slightly over rated coin-op conversion in it's day. Good buy for those determined to have every coin-op that ever bleeped in their collection.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
Sound and graphics are okay - the theme music grows on you - but this version should have been an exact replica of the coin-op... and it's way off that.
Atari STPower Play
Da Verstummen alle Laserkanonen dieser Galaxis vor Schreck: Soldier of Light hätte ein tolles Actionspiel werden können, doch arge spielerische Schnitzer raffen die Motivation ganz schön dahin. Der erste Eindruck der ST-Version ist grandios. Die farbenfrohe Grafik schön gezeichnet und erreicht nahezu Automaten-Qualität. Das Scrolling ist flott und fließend, das Spielgefühl aber chaotisch. Man wird von derart vielen Gegnern gleichzeitig angegriffen, daß an vielen Stellen nur Glück hilft. Das Panikspiel leidet außerdem unter einer etwas zähen Steuerung. Um zu springen, muß man den Joystick sehr genau dirigieren. Frusterlebnisse sind bei Soldier of Light an der Tagesordnung. Das ist wirklich ein Jammer, denn grafisch gehört das Programm zu den besten Actionspielen für den ST. So ist es nur ein wirres Geballer für ausgesprochene Hektik-Liebhaber.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Soldier of Light boasts some good graphics and OK animation, but ultimately it's just another run of the mill shoot-em-up that won't get you too excited.