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Amiga version

The title says it all, doesn't it?
Menu Screen #1
Menu Screen #2
This is where you get to choose two characters to play as
Scrolling through the forest, you see a few rock monsters ganging up on you
This is where you upgrade both of your player's stats, and obtain more firepower
What a lovely waterfall. Too bad you can't drink the water
Our bullets are certainly no match for your puny little ping-pong balls
Watch out for the steam, buddy
Now there's something you don't see every day: hands that shoot
Ping-pong balls from hell! Run for your life!
Exploring the sewers
"It looks like we must flip a switch in order to deactivate these laser barriers"
It's the so-called Chaos Engine, and boy, does he look a bit ticked off today!
Title screen (AGA version)
Intro (AGA version)
Mercenary (AGA version)
Brigand (AGA version)
Gentleman (AGA version)
Navvie (AGA version)
Thug (AGA version)
Preacher (AGA version)
Start menu (AGA version)
Character selection (AGA version)
World 1 (The Forest) - Stone golems
World 1 (The Forest) - Level exit (AGA version)
End level statistics (AGA version)
Equipment and training screen (AGA version)
World 2 (Workshops) (AGA version)
World 3 (Fortesque mansion) - Giant hands attacking (AGA version)
World 4 (Cellars) - Moving mines (AGA version)
World 4 (Cellars) - Robots (AGA version)
World 4 (Cellars) - Sewer (AGA version)
World 4 (Cellars) - Level exit (AGA version)

Atari ST version

The beginning of the background story
Title screen
From the intro
One of the six characters you can play
Loading screen
Select your character
Starting level one
Oh lots of silver coins
Keys opens new paths
Level one complete
Game over

DOS version

Title screen
Baron Fortesque created a bizarre machine.
He was experimenting with time and space
The machine turned against its creator
A cloud of chaos descended over the land
Humans and animals were turned...
...into ravenous beasts
Choose one of six hard nailed mercenaries
Intro sequence
Select game
Hire a character

Genesis version

Title screen (European version)
Title screen (US version)
Main Menu
Begin world one
Keys open the path
Rock monsters
Shoot all the nodes to open the exit
Fast little beetles
These frogs explode
Find the keys to raise the bridges
A special power
Restart at checkpoint
How do you get to the keys ????
Upgrade your stats

SNES version

Title Screen
US Title Screen
In Game
Character Select
Happening upon a hidden cache of loot
Trying to gain admittance
End-of-level wrap-up

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Select characters
World 1
Game starts
Electric tower
Hidden place
Monsters lairs
End of level
Giant toad

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  • Soldiers of Fortune Screenshot