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Sonic 3D Blast

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SEGA Saturn

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An embarrassment to Sonic. Windows Satoshi Kunsai (1811)
Craptacular Genesis MegaMegaMan (2260)
Action Genesis attilathehun (4)
Not a fantastic game. Genesis Weston Sharpensteen (32)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Genesis 49 3.4
SEGA Saturn 14 3.2
Wii 2 4.2
Windows 22 3.2
Combined MobyScore 87 3.3

The Press Says

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WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Auch bei diesem Sonic-Teil bin ich wieder hin und weg: Die Japaner haben es in Sachen Spielbarkeit und Originalität einfach drauf. Wer einfach nur durchrennt, verpaßt die Hälfte des Spiels. Und selbst bei intensivem Forschen und Herumstöbern in den Zonen könnte man ja den einen oder anderen Edelstein in den Bonus-Leveln verpassen. Für anhaltende Motivation ist also auf jeden Fall gesorgt.
GenesisPower Sonic
O jogo se destaca pelo seu padrão gráfico, que está muito bom. Os cenários ficaram muito bem construídos, aproveitando bastante as cores do Mega Drive. Além disso, o jogo se destaca pelas pontes, loopings e obstáculos, que estão muito bem localizados. A trilha sonora ficou muito boa, com grande destaque às músicas de Dr. Robotnik nas fases ímpares. Assim como em Sonic 3 e Sonic & Knuckles, há uma música por ato do jogo, que se encaixa muito bem com o seu cenário. A jogabilidade não é das melhores, mas também não é ruim. Há um equilíbrio: o controle de seis botões do Mega Drive, que contém a direcional com diagonais facilitará muito a locomoção do personagem. O jogo não oferece muita interatividade: não há um modo de 2 Players. Há apenas a ação, mas que possui inúmeros novos elementos que chamarão muito a atenção.
SEGA SaturnPower Sonic
É a melhor versão das três. A jogabilidade é simplesmente a melhor e agora é difícil ter problemas com a movimentação de Sonic no cenário. A trilha e os efeitos de som foram digitalizados e estão muito melhores. Os gráficos que eram ótimos na versão 16 Bits foram ainda mais melhorados e os Special Stages apresentam um belo gráfico 3D, além dos efeitos adicionados ao cenário. Os Special Stages é o melhor do game sem dúvidas. O que peca é que nenhuma, personagem ou um modo 2 Players foi adicionado.
GenesisMega Fun
Die genannten Positiva summieren sich zwar nicht zu einem Überspiel, Sonic-Fans, die sich am durchdachten Leveldesign einmal festgebissen haben, werden jedoch nicht enttäuscht sein.
SEGA SaturnMega Fun
Die genannten Positiva summieren sich zwar nicht zu einem Überspiel, Sonic-Fans, die sich am durchdachten Leveldesign einmal festgebissen haben, werden jedoch nicht enttäuscht sein.

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WindowsPC Jeux
Comme toujours, Sonic fait preuve d'une grande qualité de réalisation et d'une bonne dose de fun !
W trakcie gry nie można się nudzić i spodziewam się, że dzieciom Sonic bardzo się spodoba.
GenesisEntertainment Weekly
The Genesis and Saturn versions are essentially the same: Rescue birds called flickies, collect golden rings, and bring down Dr. Robotnik. Problem is, while 3D Blast is super by 16-bit standards, it falls flat on Saturn, where 32-bit games with far more sophisticated 3-D graphics and gameplay are the norm.
WindowsPC Joker
Knuddelfaktor hin, 3D-Rendergrafik her, das neue Spiel um den Sega-Igel beschneidet alte Tugenden, ohne sie durch echte Neuerungen zu ersetzen. Sonics Stärke liegt ja eigentlich in seiner Geschwindigkeit, und die können sich hier nur ausgemachte Selbstmörder leisten - in den späteren Abschnitten sind die drei Continues ohnehin bald verbraucht. Und wenn man sich vorsichtig an die Gegner herantasten, an Selbstschußanlagen vorbeipirschen und stets um seine angesammelten Ringe zittern muß, dann ist mir das etwas zu wenig Action und zu viel Kalkül für flottes Plattform-Entertainment.
WindowsPower Play
„Sonic 3D — Flikies lsland“ bietet letztendlich alles, was man von einer guten Hüpferei erwarten kann. Obwohl die putzige Grafik nicht dem höchsten Standard entspricht, hält einen das abwechlungsreiche Design der Gebiete bei Laune. Der Drang weiterzuspielen, um auch die anderen Levels anzutesten, wird außerdem durch die speziellen Eigenarten und Hindernisse in jeder Region geschürt. Für Motivation und Spielspaß ist jedenfalls gesorgt. Eigentlich drängen sich bei „Sonic 3D“ nur zwei Kritikpunkte auf. Abgesehen von der qualvollen Tastatursteuerung werden sich wirkliche Jump And Run-Experten bei diesem Spiel vielleicht etwas unterfordert fühlen. Einen Kommentar noch zum Schluß: Gegenüber dem Konkurrenten Mario, der auf Nintendos neuer Wunderkonsole sein 3D-Debüt feiern konnte, besitzt der Igel allerdings eindeutig die schlechteren Karten.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
Sega hat ein klar überdurchschnittliches Hüpfspiel abgeliefert, das sowohl grafisch als auch spielerisch überzeugend in Szene gesetzt wurde. Wer des in die Jahre gekommenen Igel-Helden noch nicht überdrüssig ist, sollte mal einen Blick riskieren.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide
All in all, Sonic 3D Blast stands as a curious installment to the Sonic series. Its design and execution (it came out on the decaying Genesis simultaneously) reveal that the game was conceptualized during an awkward time in the life of the videogame industry, when developers and players alike were struggling to make the transition to 32-bit processors and 3D graphics. Sonic 3D Blast carries that baggage, but it does so more admirably than one might guess.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
Since the goal in each level is basically to free the cute little birdies of Flicky Island trapped inside of the still dastardly Dr. Robotnik's bad, er, things, it's perfect fare for the kids. For anyone else looking for a solidly entertaining and off-beat platform game, Sonic 3D Blast proves to be a good choice all around.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot
After a conspicuously long absence, that spiky blue guy has finally popped onto the Saturn. However, entering the 3-D world hasn't changed Sonic much. He still runs pretty fast (although not nearly as fast as he did on the old Genesis platform), he still has to regain the Chaos Emeralds, and he still has to beat Dr. Robotnik by jumping on the glass dome of his spherical ship. The only real difference is that Sonic has the freedom to run in many different directions. And while the game doesn't break any new ground from either a technological and story standpoint, it does prove to be good fun with an old-school feel.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Erst in der dritten der sieben umfangreichen Welten legt Sonic richtig los, doch wird’s dann ziemlich hektisch. Alleine die Neugier auf den nächsten Level hielt mich erstaunlich lange bei der Stange. Erstaunlich deshalb, weil Grafik und Sound fast schon nostalgisches Flair verbreiten. Der mit mehr Charme und Spielwitz gesegnete Kollege Earthworm Jim ist jedenfalls um eine Wurmlänge voraus.
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
I'm a little disappointed in Sonic 3D Blast on the Saturn. Since we reviewed this the game for the Genesis, I have a good idea of what the Saturn version would be like. Little did I know that the Saturn version would be VERY similar to it's 16-bit counterpart. Granted, the graphics are much sharper and feature more colors and some minor graphic effects, there's just not enough there for me. The bonus rounds are cool additions, but they're nothing that left me in awe. The game itself like the old Sonic games. I think the Saturn could've handled a lot more than what they gave it.
WiiNintendo Life
Sadly, Sonic 3D Blast is ultimately undone by a catalogue of negative points. The gameplay is extremely repetitive – your aim is to collect Flickies and this becomes very dull after prolonged play, with only the boss and bonus stages breaking the monotony. The isometric viewpoint makes judging some jumps difficult and generally the game deviates a little too much from what makes Sonic great – something that we would sadly see more of in later Sonic titles.
The bottom line with Sonic 3D Blast is iffy. I can't really say that it's a bad game or a good game; I can't really decide on a score. Let me sum it up like this: it's probably worth having if only to say you've got all the Sonic games for the Genesis. It won't be your favorite, but it'll be addicting for a while and even after the first rush wears off you'll still come back to play it every once in a while. By all means you could do worse, but there are probably better choices out there for you. Just go pick it up and decide for yourself whether it's worthy of being the final game in a legendary series for a legendary platform.
SEGA SaturnEdge
So, apart from a few new graphical effects, more colours, better sounds and a whole new 3D bonus round (very similar to the one seen in Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive), Sonic 3D is little more than a straightforward conversion. This presents something of a dilemma. Should Sega be criticised for producing nothing more than a 16bit upgrade or should gamers swallow their pride and enjoy the game for the playable, if basic, affair that it is? A bit of both, actually, although the feeling is that Sega will have to come up with a stronger Sonic-based title than this before the year is out.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Ein Titel wie Sonic 3D hätte den darbenden Jump&Run-Markt durchaus in Schwung bringen können. Doch mit der im Vergleich zu Konsolen reduzierten Grafikqualität, dem billigen Sound und vor allem den einfallslosen Leveldesign überläßt Sega das Feld der Konkurrenz.
SEGA SaturnGame Revolution
Sonic 3D Blast isn't a bad game in the grand scheme of things, but is probably the worst Sonic game ever made. This is not to say that little kids might not like it. In fact, the cute graphics and characters would probably be perfect. In an era of violent, bloody games, parents have a hard time finding good games for their young children. Sonic 3D Blast is perfect for a younger crowd of game players. As for the rest of us, rent it before you buy. While this game may be your cup of tea, it definitely isn't the Sonic we know and love.
Overall, Sonic 3D blast is a below average game with slick visuals that have aged well, and a soundtrack that alone is worth the price of entry. The 3D Control Pad helps the game play department immensely, and makes controlling Sonic tolerable. Still, Sonic 3D Blast is neither 3D, nor a blast. For fans only.
SEGA SaturnEntertainment Weekly
The Genesis and Saturn versions are essentially the same: Rescue birds called flickies, collect golden rings, and bring down Dr. Robotnik. Problem is, while 3D Blast is super by 16-bit standards, it falls flat on Saturn, where 32-bit games with far more sophisticated 3-D graphics and gameplay are the norm.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
Another big complaint is the lack of a password feature. This isn't the kind of game you can zip through, and having to replay all the early levels each time you play is an unforgivable oversight on the part of the designers. On a positive note, some of the music here is simply incredible. The surrealistic, moody tunes that play in the Rusty Ruins has to be some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. Sonic 3D is not a total loss, but the mediocre gameplay failed to put this hedgehog back on top.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Unlike the original Sonic titles, you must move slowly and deliberately to avoid obstacles. Another problem is that the control, although responsive, requires you to jump directly on the robots, leaving little room for error. Since control is a bit slippery in the first place, it can be frustrating as you hop around frantically trying to land on something. Another problem is the fact that the levels are connected, and you can accidentally fall back into an old level. This needlessly wastes time as you need to find your way back. There is no save feature, and it takes a good amount of playing time to make it to the later levels. Finally, in order to break down certain barriers, Sonic needs to utilize a new spin move that makes him look like a ballerina - not cool!! All in all, it's a nice-looking but forgettable game.
Sonic 3D Blast is entirely misleading. It doesn't have true three-dimensional gameplay, it barely plays like a true Sonic the Hedgehog game, and it most certainly isn't a blast to play. Instead, it's a mishmash of elements that completely work against one another and a frustrating, repetitive experience. The shiny prerendered graphics and familiar ring-collecting chimes may lure you into downloading this Genesis game from the Virtual Console service, but looking past Sonic 3D Blast's shiny surface should help you avoid that mistake.
WindowsGénération 4
Même si les graphismes ne sont pas d'excellente qualité, l'ensemble devrait ravir les plus jeunes.