Sonic Adventure DX (Director's Cut) Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Level title.
A bit of a panicked camera angle.
Tails is quite the side-kick, and snowboarder.
Sonic is known for his speed, don't underestimate him!.
A speed boost.
Balloons watch the race.
Doing a jump will zoom in on our rambunctious fox.
E-102 γ hovers above the abyss.
Firing missiles at a flying worm.
Clearing the bridge.
High above the stage.
One of Gamma's brothers.
Sonic at an island resort.
As sonic you are tailed by your foxy companion.
A running jump.
Camera's zoom out for loops.
The classic orca chase.
Springs are still around.
Capsules with power-ups are no longer square :(
Running around under the sea.
Wouldn't be Sonic without random spikes, no?
The Flickies are imprisoned here.
Stage clear.
Big the cat.
Big swims, or rather, fat floats.
Your objective is this frog.
No luck today big?
Amy's hammer leaves a trail of hearts.
A beam to jump over.
A highly impractical elevator.
Yikes, spotted.
This robot won't give up!
So stealth will be required.
Running with your hammer out.
Knuckles searches for Chaos emeralds.
Gliding in the direction that the radar indicates.
Two are near here...
A vast cliffside.
I don't feel safe soaring over all these rotating blades.
Aha! An emerald!

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Character selection
Running on a swinging dock.
Big whale chasing
Sandy beach
Going down, very fast
Destroying a robot.
Bouncing shield
Inside a cave
Floating rocks
Time to journey
Old friends
Chaos emerald
In a hotel
On the streets
New location
Cute Chao
Chao's stats