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The Dark Ages... Game Gear MegaMegaMan (2216)

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Platform Votes Score
Game Gear 15 3.3
Nintendo 3DS 1 4.0
SEGA Master System 4 2.6
Combined MobyScore 20 3.2

The Press Says

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SEGA Master SystemRetrogaming History
Un capitolo atipico che associa alcune novità, tra cui una grafica stratosferica ad un gameplay stranamente lento per un gioco di Sonic. Io mi sono divertito molto giocandolo ma ho l’impressione che i puristi di Sonic potrebbero disprezzarlo. A conti fatti è un buon prodotto, poco “sonico” ma molto “piattaformico”
Game GearDefunct Games
Aside from the level designs, the real problem with this game is the way it plays. Thanks to the graphics the game feels sluggish, which is about the worst thing you can say to a fast-paced 2D platformer. Aspect did manage to get a few things right (double jumping, the way you only lose a few rings when you get hit, etc.), but the game just never feels right. I'm sure if Aspect had a little more time and more powerful hardware this could have been a spectacular game, but as it is this is one of those Sonic games you can completely avoid. This Game Gear game is for collectors only.