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Sonic Heroes Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Team Selection
Boost Rings
Running the Loops
Rain Frog
Team Dark Intro
This formation is ideal for collecting rings.
Flight Formation
Eliminate ALL ROBOTS
Mine Cart Mode
End of Level Ring
Special Stage
Stage 2
Team Chaotix in yet another forgettable adventure
Team Chaotix Team Blast

PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Challenge Menu
Exploring Seaside Hill

Windows version

Title Screen
Team Sonic in Seaside Hill (Demo Version)
Close-up of Sonic in Seaside Hill (Demo Version)
Sonic and crew being chased by rolling rocks in Ocean Palace!
Story Mode Team Select
Seaside Hill in 2P Battle Mode
Main Menu
Rollin' down the tube!
It's Dr. Eggman!
Light Dashin' through the rings
Got an emblem...
Railin' through Rail Canyon
Level Objective/Loading Screen
It's getting lighter here.