Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Screenshots

Windows version

The intro-movie shows you the general feel of the game.
Main Menu
Loading Screen
The race is about to start - don't forget about the turbo-boost!
I won the race (did you expect otherwise?)!
The game can be played with up to four players. In this shot there are only three.
Battle mode simply requires the players to shoot each other in order to win.
This mode features a large puppet the players need to collect and bring to a specific point on the map.
Collecting and holding diamonds earns you points in this mode - and makes you a valid target for your friends.
King of the Hill with race-cars - very hard!
A fly-over introduces the levels.
Egg-man or Player 2 already one the race.
The tracks are very different and are always themed after Sonic or SEGA-games.
One of the more confusing tracks with many lights, loopings and such.
Mario Kart on drugs - together with the music this is one of the most awesome tracks in the game.
Player three got hit by a glove - the camera on screen four on the other hand hits a pole.
Sonic doing was Sonic does best: collecting rings.
That's how you will see most of the game, since the boost is very important.
Broke a container and got a glove.
Drifting is the main way to get a boost.
Eggman has to roll over crows to score points.
One of the Eggman-games featured a lava cave I guess...