Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Screenshots

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Genesis version

Title Screen
Two Player Mode
Chemical Plant
Aquatic Ruins
Casino Night
Tails comes in second
Easy as you like
Sonic revs up
The first battle with Robotnik
Beat the boss and set the friends free
Rolling around
Get those bonus items on the right for extra rings
Stuck in a pile of goop
On the edge
Well, what are you waiting for?
The first level introduction
Sonic's added protection
Mind those traps and save up those rings
The first save point. If you happen to die, you'll start here instead of the very beginning of the level
In my opinion the hardest of all stages - Metropolis
The penultimate level
The final fight with Dr.Robotnik
The new and improved bonus levels
The chemical plant level
Springing up to reach new hights
The extremely fun casino level
2 player split screen

iPhone version

Sonic 2 for iPhone splash screen.
Sonic races past the Sega logo!
Miles Prower.... Miles Per Hour?...
Main title screen.
Game menu.
Palm trees, blue skies, ocean scenery... It's definitely a Sonic game!
Just like Sonic 1 on the iDevice, Sonic 2 has a letter box mode that puts the controls outside of the screen.
The spin dash!
Racing across a checkerboard corkscrew.
Robotnik has a new set of wheels... stage 1 act 2 boss.
Stage 2: Chemical Plant Zone.
Speeding down a ramp. .
Special stage.
Winning a Chaos Emerald.
Riding across a platform.
Stage 3: Aquatic Ruin Zone
Spinning around a loop.
Underwater - using air bubbles to stay alive.
That's a big hammer! Stage 3 boss.
Stage 4: Casino Night Zone. Half pinball machine, half casino.
Speeding off to victory!
Stage 5: Hill Top Zone
Riding down a gondola.
Getting some air!
Rescuing more animal creatures from the clutches of Dr. Robotnik.
Hanging from a vine. Stage 6: Mystic Cave Zone.
Standing on a spinning crate.
Stage 7: Oil Ocean Zone

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
The piranhas return in the Emerald Hill Zone.
Collect enough rings in this Special Stage to gain a Chaos Emerald.
Tails hovers behind a waterfall.
Dr. Robotnik returns once again!
The very industrial Chemical Plant Zone
Sonic and Tails speed through tubes to reach new areas.
Rollercoaster-like paths help Sonic gain more speed.
Don't stay in this pink liquid for too long or you'll drown!
Robotnik tries to drop toxic chemicals on our heroes.
The Aquatic Ruin is full of ancient tricks and traps.
Watch out for enemies, or your rings will fly out everywhere!
Grab large bubbles when underwater to replenish your oxygen.
Watch out for these falling ruins.
Another huge waterfall
Plenty of loops to gain more speed with.
The Casino Night Zone has flippers and bumpers like a gigantic pinball machine.
These blue blocks can crush you if you're not careful.
These springs can be used to launch Sonic at great speed.
These green blockers need to be hit three times to break through them.
Robotnik has even dressed up his machine for this Zone.
Spin Dashing can give you great speed without needing to run up.
These platforms drop off when they reach the end.
Watch out for this large purple robot.
Carefully seesawing over lava.
Bouncing up high into the air for more hidden rings!
Speeding through a twisty tunnel.
Sonic 2 also features a split screen versus multiplayer mode.

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