Solomon's Key for the NES was released in Japan on this day in 1986.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball

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A tacky cash-in on Genesis' greatest platform game series. Genesis Gary Smith (65)

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Platform Votes Score
Game Gear 9 3.0
Genesis 38 3.4
iPad Awaiting 1 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 1 votes...
SEGA Master System 4 2.9
Wii 2 4.0
Windows 3 3.5
Combined MobyScore 56 3.3

The Press Says

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GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Unschwer zu erraten, daß dieses Game auf gar keinen Fall in der Sammlung fehlen darf. Auch wenn man alle vier Levels durchhat. wird man es nicht aus der Hand legen. Sonic, Du bist einfach zum Igeln!
GenesisPower Unlimited
Erg origineel van Sega om in plaats van een volgend normaal Sonic spel te maken, eerst voor een flipperspel te kiezen. Het is goed te bedienen en ziet er goed uit, maar het is jammer dat er slechts vier levels zijn. Dat had toch beter gekund.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Forest creatures are enslaved in a giant pinball machine. Naturally, it's Sonic to the rescue, complete with a new Sonic Spin Attack. Definitely different. Definitely fun.
GenesisPower Sonic
Sonic Spinball é considerado um dos fiascos da Sega. Talvez porque os fãs desistiram de jogar por considerarem um jogo muito difícil. Toda vez que se pergunta se alguém já zerou Sonic Spinball, quase sempre a resposta é a mesma: "desisti". O jogo em si não é tão difícil, o problema foi a jogabilidade dele. Nem sempre é possível mirar certinho para onde direcionar o personagem, além de que nos poucos trechos que você joga com o Sonic normal (andando, pulando, fazendo SpinDash), o personagem é muito ruim de se controlar. Portanto, aquilo que foi o destaque de Sonic 1 e Sonic 2, é o vilão deste jogo. Os gráficos em si não ficaram ruins, mas os sprites do Sonic ficaram um pouco estranho, muito embora seja evidente que ficaria muito estranho usar os sprites do Sonic 2 neste game. As músicas lembram som de guitarra, mas também não muito empolgantes. É um jogo que realmente ou se gosta, ou se odeia.
GenesisPower Play
Die überzeugende Mischung aus Jump'n'Run und Flippersimulation dürfte dabei nicht nur Igelfreunde begeistern, denn sie spielt sich brillant. Die Levels sind riesig, trotzdem noch überschaubar und abwechslungsreich zusammengeschustert. Die abgehobenen Spielelemente sorgen dabei für genügend Spannung und Motivation: Allein die Idee mit dem steuerbaren Sonic verdient herben Applaus. In Sachen Präsentation haben Segas Entwickler bravourös ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht: Nekische Grafik und superschräge Begleitmusik machen Sonic Spinball nicht nur zum innovativsten, sondern auch zu einem der schönsten Konsolenflipper.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Ok, ce jeu de mot est minable, mais je n'ai rien trouvé d'autre! SpinBall est sans doute un des meilleurs Spin-Off du hérisson, si ce n'est le meilleur, un excellent jeu de flipper, il a su utiliser l'univers du hérisson afin de briser les codes de son genre en y incluant des phases de plates-formes originales et rafraichissantes, toutefois la difficulté du jeu pourra sans doute rebuter beaucoup de joueurs, tout comme ceux adeptes des classiques jeux de flippers.
If you like pinball games, and especially if you're a Sonic fan, I would recommend getting Sonic Spinball if you see the chance. It's a lot of fun and it can get very addicting. Just be ready for a good challenge.
Première excursion de Sonic hors des jeux d’aventure/plates-formes, Sonic Spinball est un jeu d’autant plus original que les jeux de flipper n’étaient pas légion au début des années 90. Il aurait cependant grandement gagné à être plus simple et plus long.
GenesisSega Force
Grafiken är högst halvbra, lite muggig och mörk på sina ställen. Spelkänslan är den stora skamfläcken i spelet. Fast det liknar ett flipper har det ingen som helst bollkänsla, vilket kan bero på att bollen är självaste Sonic, men bortser man från det så är det väl inget direkt fel på Sonic Spinball. Fast det är ganska svårt att bortse från det, när spelet är utformat som ett flipperspel...
iPhoneGamereactor (Sweden)
Allt som är allt är det ändå ett givet köp för både flipperspelsfantaster och Sonic the Hedgehog-fans. Sega har framförallt gjort ett riktigt bra jobb med emuleringen av spelet till Iphone och priset är inte mer än en trio rundor på en vanlig flippermaskin. Och en sådan går ju som bekant inte heller att ha med i fickan.
Game GearVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Sonic the Spinball is a very good game for your Game Gear if you've got the extra dough. If not, stick to the other Sonic platform games. I still think you get more for your money there; those games are hard to beat.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This is a really fresh idea for Sonic. There is a lot of pinball action and great animations of Sonic rolling, spinning and teetering. Each level is huge with multiple play areas that are all interconnected. There are plenty of passageways, but it could have used a few more power-up options like extra speed ball. The game gives you plenty of chances, but it is still quite hard to compete each level.
Game GearGamePro (US)
Overall, Spinball satisfies, in fact, it's probably as much or more fun as a handheld than as a 16-bit cart, it's a great way to pass the time when travelling. Sonic Spinball certainly isn't as great as Sonic's famous platform adventures, but it's still worthy taking it out for a spin.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Spinball is basically an expansion of the Casino Zone from the first Sonic game, in which Sonic becomes a pinball in a huge scrolling pinball table. The game doesn't have that polished look and feel of the other Sonic games. It's still fun though, and pinball lovers should appreciate it. There are four levels that contain all sorts of switches and gadgets. As you progress, new areas open up, and the game does a pretty good job steering you into the new areas. As with most pinball games, Spinball requires you to hit specific targets, which can be time consuming. Each level ends with a boss (no surprise there), who is actually pretty easy to defeat. Between levels there is a mini-pinball bonus stage which is arguably more fun than the main game! It features multiple balls and silky smooth animation that's missing from the main game. Spinball is a pretty easy game, and there's no save option. It isn't as good as the previous Sonic games, but it's still a nice diversion.
Game GearPortable Review
Finally, we come to the game’s replay. Eh, this game starts out pretty fun, but eventually it just gets kind of annoying. I mean, sure, there are four tables, but considering the fact that there’s no password or anything, you’ll either have to use the level select code to get to each stage, or just make your way through the game again, unlike KPL (which had 3 stages from the start, with a final unlockable table). So, if you want to own the best pinball game on the Game Gear, go ahead and look up this one. If you want my advice though, either stick with the Genesis version or if you just want an old-school portable pinball game, grab Kirby’s Dream Land or Pokémon Pinball.
GenesisEntertainment Weekly
The first, a video pinball game in which Sonic is the ball, boasts a terrific concept but an ultimately flawed execution-Sonic often moves like a leaden marble.
Game GearElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Sonic Spinball leaves much to be desired. The graphics are dark and the audio is poor. The gameplay is very poor, too. It doesn't control half as well as it should. The game gets frustrating after a few minutes of play. There are too many ways to die. Once you hit the 'Hog with the flipper, you virtually have no control of where he goes. It doesn't even have the pinball feel to it. I'd pass on Sonic Spinball.
40 (UK)
Everything suffers from the old Megadrive PAL problem, and the game's sluggish frame rate isn't helped by the presence of some gruesome slowdown whenever things threaten to get hectic. Which, sadly, they never really do. Clumsy in the extreme, chalk this one up alongside all the other failed attempts to crowbar Sonic into ill-fitting spin-off titles. The Sonic obsessed among you might squeeze some amusement from its obscure oddity factor, but it's certainly not worth the 800 point asking price.
WiiNintendo Life
The game is annoyingly jerky and lacks the silky-smooth scrolling of Alien Crush (also available on the Virtual Console). The ball physics are unconvincing and the platforming elements only serve to frustrate - they're a long way from the original Sonic platform games in terms of quality.