Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Sega logo
An emerald
Sonic and tails
These tubes shoot you upwards
These bounce you about
Sometimes you can control sonic
The emerald is unlocked
Lost a ball

Genesis version

Sonic and Tails fly by
Main Menu
Diving in for an attack
But evil is ready
Sonic fails this time...
Level 1, the Toxic Caves
A quick rinse before go
Rings are, as usual, up for grabs
It's behind you!
Those little critters don't stand a chance
My, what great big teeth you have
Burnt by the toxic river
Clean up the barrels
rollercoaster ride, Sonic style
Taking a quick break from the action
No more barrels
Ring around that circle three times to open up a new part of the table
lazy river...
The aim is to get that emerald
Not bad, not bad at all
Sonic checks the options menu

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
If a maniacal blue hedgehog is the world's only hope, we are really in trouble
Cool level-beginning screen
The beginning...
Out of the pipe, into a secret area...
Don't let him fall down!
Sonic dies
My score... not much, indeed

Windows version

Game starts
Sonic as ball
Snakes in wall
Release bird
Swimming on ooze
Long journey
purple table
Enemy bee
Next table