Sooty's Fun With Numbers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Enter your name
There's an English pop group called The Magic Numbers now
Just in case
Counting test
Showing admirable restraint in leaving 4
I thought Soo was the polite one
To wear all at once?
The carrot is greater than the stick
Wrong answer
Move the Sooty sprite under the number and press fire
This is obviously wrong
This isn't
I guess the designer wanted to be a lawyer
It helps you when you are wrong
Get it right and you keep moving
A different question here
Get it quickly
Second is first of the losers

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen.
Main Menu.
Magic Numbers.
Sweep's Bones
Soo's Hats
Bigger Smaller.
Order! Order!
Sooty's Race.

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads to this screen. It uses Q/A/O/P as action keys and I guess needs to know what case the keyboard is using
The players' name is needed next
The game menu. There are six mini games in this package
Sooty's Magic Numbers Sooty strolls onto the screen and throws a number of wands into the air. He then walks off
The player must then use the left / right keys to highlight the correct number. The answer is rarely greater than six
The game awards a cross if the answer is wrong ...
.. or a big green tick if the answer's right
At the end of the game there's Sooty waving to say 'Well Done'
Sweeps Bones Here the player is shown how many bones Sweep has buried and must move the correct number to the left by pressing the left action key
There! That's two bones moved, now to press the space-bar
Sweep says thank you.
This is the message the player gets when the answer is wrong. At the end of the game Sooty appears and waves 'Well Done' again
Soo's Hats
Soo's Hats The player is asked a question and must use the left/right keys to select the correct answer. These are always simple addition questions
When the answer's correct the hats magically appear on the shelf and the player gets a big green tick
The tick is replaced with confirmation of the answer, and then its on with the next question
Getting all the questions right deserves a special message - then on comes Sooty to wave 'Well Done'
Bigger or Smaller In this game the player is asked to select either the bigger or smaller number and magic it away. This is done by moving Sooty over to the correct number and pressing the space-bar.
Order Order In this game the player must move the numbers above the grid into their correct place. It starts with single numbers missing ....
... and works up to five numbers missing
Sooty's Race In this game the player must answer simple maths questions to move Sooty round the track. The aim is to complete a circuit before Sweep
The player must select the correct answer via the left/right action keys
Sooty wins ! There's the usual 'Well Done' message and the player is returned to the main menu