Soul Blade Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Character select - Mitsurugi
Nice slash
Spinning jump
Taki is ninja - attack back
Mitsurugi vs Sophitia - she tries block
Sophitia vs Taki - fight starts!
Winner's pose
Mirror match
Oooow.... I must rest.
Seung Mina vs Rock
Knock out!
Naginata used to slash
Kick - and out of ring
Yet another mirror match
Voldo vs Sophitia
Soul Edge Title (Soul Blade)
Sophitia Wins
Taki Loses
Other Replay
Great "Ball of Light"

PlayStation version

Falling Towers. Siegfried escapes from a siege in the beautiful CGI intro.
Classic Samurai: Mitsurugi defeats some bandits. The intro is an incredible mixture of sight and sound.
Even girls can play. Although her outfit may not be historically accurate, Seung Mina's weapon is, as she protects herself from the errant ronin, Mitsurugi.
Row, row, row your raft... Soul Blade features some interesting backdrops, such as this raft.
Freakshow. Voldo, the token creepy guy, juggles Rock on his blades.
Who needs lightsaber? Special attacks, like Hwang's here, are often pretty, and many are fairly easy to learn.
Where to go... The Edge Master mode allows you to play a full fledged story mode, where you are rewarded different weapons for each character.
Almost all actions are accompanied by special effects.
Li Long performing a close combat attack.
Nice foot sweep
If you have won, you can control the camera during replays.
Voldo is attacking, or is he? His fighting style is unusual to say the least.
Winning pose
Taki vs Sophitia
Siegfried's attack misses badly.
Some actions are shown from slightly different angles.
Even though Cervantes is one of the bosses, he is available as a playable character from the beginning.
Taki has a couple of acrobatic close combat attacks.
Cervantes' attack missed and Hwang is already starting a counterattack.
Ring out!
Note the reflections on Siegfried's armor.
There are many impressive backgrounds, such as this burning castle.
After his defeat, Cervantes becomes Soul Edge.
This doesn't look good for Hwang.
Soul Edge has some ridiculously powerful attacks. This is one of the more harmless ones though.