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SoulCalibur Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Next Opponent.
Battle 1.
Hit him.
Losing at the moment.
Powering Up.
The Replay.
You loose!!
Fighting back.
Your turn.
You Win!!
Next Fight.
Next Battle.
Nice hit.
Kick Him.

SoulCalibur Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Introduction Cinematic
Introduction Cinematic
Introduction Cinematic
Introduction Cinematic
Introduction Cinematic
Title Screen
Main Menu
Exhibition battle - Choose your fighters
Ivy vs. Kilik
Ivy brings her sword up over her head to crash down on his
That's one hell of a versatile sword!
Sophitia vs. Nightmare
That is one huge freakin' sword!
Beauty conquers the beast
Maxi vs. Mitsurugi
Nunchakus have a reach if you know how to use them
Special features menu
CG Portraits 1
CG Portraits 2
CG Portraits 3
CG Portraits 4

SoulCalibur Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Versus screen.
Block and move.
Fighting in Venice.
The victor gets the right to make a quip.
Knock opponents out of the ring for a quick win.
Send them airborne with certain attacks.
Stabbing in the face is always effective.
Charge up for stronger attacks.