South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence about the war with the elves
Main menu
Title screen
Character creation
You play as a new kid who's just arrived in South Park.
The camp where the stick of truth is held.
Class selection screen
A shopkeeper
One of the early battles with Butters as a companion
The Goths are hiding behind the school, but they don't want to befriend you right away.
Look for closets with golden handles, they contain loot.
Tom's Rhinoplasty
You can summon Jesus during a battle when you have found him, but only once per day and not against bosses.
The playground. Some kindergarten kids will asks you to play hide and seek.
Inside Kenny's home
The Facebook-like wall with messages from friends
Annoying people in the movie theater
Defeat The Mongolian Horde.
The gang is chasing after the bard who holds the stick.
Kenny has a powerful attack involving a unicorn, but you'll have to time it right or he'll end up on the horn himself and disappears from the fight.
Abducted by aliens: that means it's time for an anal probing scene.
Al Gore has his ways of putting your companion to sleep.
Fighting against Nazi Zombies.
A DDR-like game to convince the Goths to join you.
You achieved a new rank.
Stan prepares to launch one of his abilities.
The friends are reunited again.
Fighting a giant fetus in an abortion clinic.
The 2D world of Canada
Terrance and Phillip teach you Nagasaki, the fourth and final form or magic.
Fighting Nazi cows with Jimmy as my partner. I'm wearing the armour of the crab people.
Mr Slave's intestines is another peculiar location for you to explore.
Princess Kenny drawn in manga style.