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Soviet Strike

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PS Vita
PlayStation 3

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Who would have thought war could be this much fun? PlayStation Big John WV (25498)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 9 3.6
PlayStation 3 1 4.3
PSP 2 3.6
PS Vita 1 4.3
SEGA Saturn 3 3.5
Combined User Score 16 3.7

Critic Reviews

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SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
If you loved Black Dawn, Strike leans more toward the strategy side, but there's no shortfall of adrenaline-drenched action. This one's worth every red cent.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground
Soviet Strike is one of the most satisfying videogames I've ever played. Although it's a one player contest and there's really hardly any resource management, I still prefer the action combat in this game to the similarly styled, strategy combat of Command & Conquer. If this disc is not in your collection, I can only assume that you have a predilection for cuddly puzzle games. You don't know what you're missing.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
While not as fast-paced or aggressive as other chopper games, Strike's still a load of fun. Whirl this one into your PlayStation and you won't regret it.
SEGA SaturnneXGam
Soviet Strike hebt sich klar von anderen Vertretern der Kategorie „Kriegsspiel“ ab. Das bezieht sich besonders auf den krassen Humor und auf die Tatsache, wie die Entwickler mit fiktiver und realistischer Kriegsführung umgehen. Der Mix klappt außerordentlich gut, zwischendurch dürft ihr immer mal wieder einen großen Lacher raus lassen. Wer die Nase voll hat von den immer gleichen Ballerspielen und dem endlosen Patriotismus sollte einen Blick riskieren. Der Titel wurde zwar im Wesentlichen auf das Nötigste, nämlich den reinen Ballerspaß, reduziert, klappt aber als normaler Shooter sehr gut und macht dabei eine außerordentlich gute Figur. Soviet Strike steht ganz klar in einer eigenen Nische, doch wenn man erst einmal in die unverbrauchte Welt eingetaucht ist, will man (fast) gar nicht wieder zurückkommen!
PlayStationVideo Games
Trotz des Sprungs in die 32-Bit-Liga bleibt das erfolgsbewährte Strike-Konzept nahezu unverändert. Das alte 16-Bit-Team hat in Sachen Grafik und Spielmechanik wieder ganze Arbeit geleistet: Man fühlt sich unversehens in die landschaftlichen Reize des ehemals sowjetischen Hoheitsgebietes versetzt. Die spielerischen Qualitäten stehen der pompösen (Video)-Präsentation in nichts nach. Ständig gibt es irgendwelche Neuigkeiten zu bestaunen, die Fachwerk-Häuser eines Dorfes zum Beispiel, prunkvolle Paläste oder komplexe Industrieanlagen. Sie alle wirken fantastisch real. Moralapostel dürfen sich auch wieder verausgaben: Da werden Menschensprites gebraten oder belebte Lagerstätten leergebombt. Abgesehen davon aber bietet Soviet Strike wie seine Urväter eine grandiose Motivations-Mischung aus abwechslungsreicher Strategie- und Action-Kost, verpackt in genialer Optik nebst passender Musikuntermalung.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
Wen Herausforderungen an Taktik, Ballern und Reaktionsfähigkeit reizen, hat mit Soviet Strike sicher viel Freude. Wer nichts gegen eine Söldnermentalität hat, darf es ruhig in seine Sammlung aufnehmen.

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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
At last, game complete. The third level, set in the Desert, was a bitch. The second you leave base, all hell breaks loose as you scramble around the plains desperately attempting to stop the advancement of the enemy troops from three directions. The forth level was an enjoyable romp through the wastelands and the final level, set in the streets of Moscow, is a frantic race to complete a set of missions that are thrust on you , leaving little time to think and plan, but leaving you with a feeling of achievement when you succeed. I restarted the game from level one and enjoyed finding the hidden power ups and secrets, especially the Santa Claus hidden on the hills and the secret toilet (see the cheats section). Overall an excellent strategy game which I would highly recommend.
And, bonus! Soviet Strike looks as good as it plays. The landscapes are gorgeous, having been created by wrapping aerial photos over polygonal maps. The towns and buildings are all highly realistic as well. Even the FMV, which is generally considered to be a tool of the devil by the editors here, works well, providing stylish mission updates and information without slowing the game down.
PlayStationThe Review Busters
I think the reason I like Soviet Strike so much is because the plot seems ripped directly from a Tom Clancy thriller. The controls take a little bit to get used to, but they're adequate once you get the hang of them. However, the difficulty level can seem a bit high at times. My first introduction to 3D console gaming is good enough for a 7 out of 10.
Electronic Arts’ Mega Drive hit Desert Strike rode the militaristic hype that accompanied the Gulf War and delivered a mould-breaking tactical shoot ‘em up. It cast you as the lone American pilot up against the outlaw regime of a particularly despicable dictator, destroying installations, taking out enemy hardware and rescuing grateful MIAs and POWs. As with most other EA games, Desert Strike had both TV-style presentation – this time of the CNN variety – and a tendency to be sequelled. Jungle Strike transferred the action to Central America, and Urban Strike was set in a war-torn USA: both expanded the scope of the first game.
The only real plus to Soviet Strike is its full-motion video. Using an editing style similar to the old Max Headroom TV show, this game is chock-full of futuristic-looking technology and people using big words. It also features some of the best CD-ROM acting seen in a long time. However, this is a small victory in a larger conflict. Maybe if EA took a little less time finding good actors and a little more time working on control, they'd have a more exciting title on their hands.