Soviet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
Part 1: Phase 1
Part 1: Rescuing hostages
Part 2: Phase 1

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting out
Rescue the hostage
Too late, blown up
Looks a bit like GTA in monochrome
A helicopter flies by
Game over
"Soviet" is a game for serious players! (green screen version)
Game menus mimic Soviet art (green screen version)
Rescue the civilians marked with an arrow! (green screen version)
Don't expect any respite from your enemies (green screen version)

DOS version

Splash screen
Main menu
Part I takes place in an urban setting.
Rescue the hostages!
Part II is a big desert.
The road to victory?

MSX version

Loading screen
Press fire to start
Starting part 1
Firing my weapon
These flying things are a pain... are the helicopters.
Rescuing a citizen
I have 1 tank left.
The mission failed. I lost 20 citizens.
Game over
This is the game over screen if you lose all your tanks.
Starting part 2.
There are citizens to rescue in the country.
You now have planes.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game menu
Action key definition
After going through the game options the game continues to load to completion.
There's a 'Press Fire to start' screen and away we go
The pedestrians are there to be run over. They are the hostages that are to be rescued
Jets and helicopters drop bombs that cause more destruction than the tank
Ooops! The object I just tried to collect was a bomb! End of a life. There are three medals in the right hand pane - soon there will be two
A bonus has been collected
There are lots of cars like the dark(er) car at the top of the screen. They do a lot of damage.
Two ground cars and a chopper boxed the tank in and killed it
On the last tank now
Game over. From here the player is returned to the 'press fire to start screen'