Spac3 Invaders Extr3me Screenshots

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PSP version

Title screen
The round starts.
Level 1 starts with old fashioned invaders shooting.
Psychedelic round completed.
Fever mini-game: shoot down the jackpot UFO before time runs out.
Break state, 10x multiplier for a while
A few more left to shoot.
Enemies of different sizes
Level 10 with a jackpot UFO flying by.
Killed the boss and got a nice bonus.
Stage cleared successfully.
Stage results
Stage 2 beginning.
Shoot 13 enemies in 10 seconds.
Rainbow bonus received for shooting down an enemy.
Incoming roulette mini-game.
Roulette mini-game - shoot the spinning enemies to get a bonus.
Oh no, incoming boss
The big boss
Killed by the big boss.