Space Ace Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
This is how it all began...
Kimberly was kidnapped by Borf...
... and Dexter got extremely shocked by this fact.
He decided to rescue Kimberly.
In order to do so...
... he followed the kidnapper with his ship.
On the planet he reached...
... there were many pitfalls...
... controlled by Commander Borf who was laughing at your miserable attempts.
However he might try, our hero...
... managed to get rid off...
... all the strange creatures...
... he encountered...
... no matter how strong...
... fast...
... deadly...
... and soulless they were.
All the time running...
... he managed to escape blasts...
... from gigantic weaponry system Borf's death squadrons were equipped.
Finally he boarded Borf's ship...
... where they started fighting.
Borf's power cane shot with deadly rays of fire...
... that our hero managed to avoid.
Attacks were more and more hectic...
... powerful...
... and sometimes desperate.
He even used Kimberly as an distraction...
... and our hero had to decide if should go after Borf...
... or Kimberly. He decided the latter...
It gave time to Borf who managed to obtain laser beam...
... using which he was trying to blast our hero.
However Space Ace managed to outwit Borf...
... caught Kimberly...
... brilliantly rolling on the floor decreasing the impact consequences...
... and so they could live...
... happily ever after.

Atari ST version

The Advertise of Space Ace
The Advertise of Space Ace
The Advertise of Space Ace
The Advertise of Space Ace
The Advertise of Space Ace
The Advertise of Space Ace
Borf appears to prompt the player to change the disk.
I'm Space Ace - I'm a cool space hero and you're not - hahaha.
Droids of death!
Avoid getting crushing by the drilling machine.
Flying across space.
Exiting your spiffy space ship.
Be a Space Ace - See the universe, and blast nasty aliens!
Made it past the drill bit.
Get across the platform.
Hi, I'm Space Ace! I come in peace! Please don't eat me!
Won't you please go away, you ugly purple slime thing?
Fine, I asked you nicely, and you wouldn't go away, so now I have to shoot you!
Aliens all around me!
Someone call pest control!
Being chased by alien rodents!
Borf's base.
Run to the ladder!
Show down with Borf!
Nifty special effects in the fight with Borf.
Borf has Space Ace pinned down!
This doesn't look good for our hero!
But he escapes!
Quick! Save the cute girl, before Bord melts her!
So how about a nice date when this is all over?
Fending off alien goons.
Borf likes to blow things up!
Ray blast!
Space Ace avoids getting blasted by the ray.
Space Ace moves a mirror.
Grabbed the girl again - Space Ace could get used to this.

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
Demo mode (VGA)
Starting a new life (VGA)
Dodging the ray-gun (VGA)
Didn't dodge fast enough (VGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Starting a new life (EGA)
Starting level 1 (EGA)
About to dodge the ray-gun (EGA)
Didn't dodge fast enough (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Starting a new life (CGA)
Starting level 1 (CGA)
Avoid the droids!
Space Ace flies his ship.
Exiting your ship.
Drill platforms.
Just missed me!
Blasting an alien ugly thing.
Are you related to that green thing I just blasted?
Why did I have to get out of bed this morning?
Alien kitties!
Green gopher like aliens.
These things are trying to eat me!
Killer robots!
Run Space Ace!
Making your way through Borf's base.
The Evil Borf gloats: "You can not win!"
Battling with Borf.
One on One - Man vs. Alien Blue Guy
Space Ace escapes from Borf.
Space Ace rescues Kimmy.
Space Ace has got the girl.
Look out for the blasts of death from Borf's ray!
Running down a catwalk.
Borf mans his ray-gun.
Moving a mirror.
Space Ace grabs the girl yet again.