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Space Chimps (Nintendo DS)

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Space Chimps Credits

WayForward Technologies

Tyrannical OverlordVoldi Way
Chief Executive OfficerJohn Beck
Creative DirectorMatt Bozon
Executive ProducerChris Watson
Designer / DirectorMarc Gomez
ProducerJeff Pomegranate
Lead ProgrammerJonathan Rucker
Technical Art DirectorJason Hitchens
Game ProgrammersLarry Holdaway, John Eric Hart, Sulaiman Abdul-Khabir, John Sensebe, Jason Maupin, Jeff Beaudoin, Tyler Tri Hoang, Robert Koshak, Jarod Maupin
Engine and ToolsJames Chan, John Eric Hart, Brian Littrell, Jeff Lee, Mike DeLaPena, Jonathan Rucker, Lee McDole, Chris Losorelli
Additional ProgrammingMike Parks
Environment ArtistsJason Gee, Jason Hitchens
Level DesignersJason Maupin, Michael Herbster, Mike Pace, Aaron Davis, Edgar Jiminez, Dave Williams, Cole Phillips
Lead AnimatorDav Lyman
3D ModellersColin Morrison, Dave Williams, Ken Fejer, Gordon Morrison, Matt Bateman
AnimatorsDami Yoon, Moragot Bodharamik, Sun Young Moon, Steven Hickcox, Chris Kerlegon, Eun-Hi Oh, Adam Tierney
CinemasTeravision Inc., Dav Lyman, Dave Williams
Interface ArtistsJames Montagna, Cole Phillips, Mads Ejsing, Ken Fejer, Mike Fromknecht
MusicAdam DiTroia
Sound EffectsAdam DiTroia
Associate ProducersChris Anderson, Andy Crim
Quality AssuranceChris Anderson, Barrett Velia, Josette Dziuk, Chris Schroeder, Emil Sylianteng, Meghann Tauch
Special ThanksJulie Pomegranate, Adriana Watson, Brooke, Kramer, Maggie, Emily, Ginger, Phil, Ken, Joshua, Jimmy, Patty, Claire, Lily, Amanda, Justin, Logan, Jane Beaudoin, Gary Beaudoin, Karina Valderrama, Angelina Cardone, Tadd Parish, Stephanie Elizabeth Sherwood, Emily Minkus, Ryan Minkus, Kamila Kalmer, Kaitlyn Seferina Schroeder, Game Shastra

Brash Entertainment, LLC.

Senior ProducerStephen Townsend
Creative ProducerDaniel Badilla
Associate ProducerKit Chan, Douglas Rukavina
Senior Executive ProducerJonathan Eubanks
Technical DirectorTae Joon Park
Director of OperationsAmy Small
Operations ManagerNicole Condrick
Chairman and CEOMitch Davis
President and COONicholas Longano
Chief Financial OfficerBill Chardevoyne
Chief Creative OfficerLarry Shapiro
Vice President of Legal AffairsMelissa Miller
Executive Vice President Sales and MarketingYasmin Naboa
Vice President of CommunicationsTiffany Spencer
Director of MarketingDirk Metzger
Director of Business DevelopmentJason Covey
Brand ManagerJohn Choon
Associate Brand ManagersCarrie Chen, Ava Barab
Creative Services ManagerAmy Bennett
Director of Analysis and Research Barbara Creary
Marketing AnalystNathaniel Botwick
PR ManagerAbby Topolsky
QA and LocalizationBabel Media
Special ThanksABRY Partners, Rob Auten, Xiao Hui Chin, Elie Dekel, Bert Ellis, Adam Kline, Ryan Rothenberger, Thomas Tull, 822 Digital
On behalf of Vanguard Animation and Space Chimps (the movie)Terry Botwick, Jeremy Ross, John H. Williams, Barry Sonnenfeld, Curtis Augspurger, Tom Jacomb, Kristen Seller
STARZ MEDIAAmorette Jones, Ferrell McDonald, Paul Campbell, Pete Dorhout-Mees, Alisa Capaldi, Nana Kashani

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