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A Great Game To Begin A System With. Genesis Guy Chapman (2001)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.1
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Android Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST 6 2.8
Commodore 64 8 2.7
Genesis 13 3.4
iPad Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum 7 3.2
Combined User Score 40 3.1

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Atari STZero (Mar, 1990)
Fast paced first person perspective 3D scrolling shoot 'em up. Shame about the slightly jerky nature of the graphics.
GenesisThe Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1989)
Space Harrier 2 is a significant advance on the existing Space Harrier games in graphic and sonic quality as well as overall presentation. The speed of the game is insanely fast (in keeping with the classic coin-op's style), the graphics and the way they are handled are all excellent, and the ferocity of enemy attacks makes other versions look positively passive.
Graphically it is stunning and the sheer speed of the game is also very impressive. Sound effects are much better on the Amiga version and there is fast paced soundtrack to match.
Grandslam's Space Harrier II on the ST is so good a conversion, it makes the Megadrive redundant... until Sega comes up with the next generation of 16-bit blasters on its megadeck. The only thing Space Harrier II lacks is depth of gameplay - but that factor has never deterred any Space Harrier fan before.
Ich behaupte, daß sich diese "Neuauflage" von SPACE HARRIER zumindest vom technischen Gesichtspunkt her und von den Gegebenheiten, die die Hardware voraussetzt, in jeglicher Hinsicht gelohnt hat. Man kann erkennen, daß auf diese Weise auch eine zweidimensional animierte 3D-Grafik voll den Ansprüchen der User gerecht werden kann. Ich meine, diese Version ist auch für SPACE-HARRIER-Kenner eine neue Dimension.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Apr, 1990)
To get the bad news over with, the good old giant chessboard ground doesn't work very well. It's fine in the foreground and moves smoothly (if a little slowly), but towards the horizon perspective is strange and unnatural. Although sprite 3-D is jerky, it's quite fast and definition is very good. Music is good and there's a sampled scream and an enthusiastic 'Get ready!'.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar, 1990)
Although Space Harrier II is a very slick and faithful conversion of the Megadrive game, featuring colourful, fast and smooth 3D graphics and decent sounds, it doesn't really have anything new to offer. Okay, so you've got a new set of aliens to blast, but really it's just the same as the previous game. Still, if you can't get enough of Space Harrier, or missed out on the original, this is about the best version you're likely to see on the ST.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar, 1990)
Space Harrier II is a very well-programmed, good looking and playable game, but suffers the same problems as the ST version - it's just much too similar to the original game which you can now get for only £2.99.
GenesisMean Machines (Nov, 1990)
Space Harrier was a sensation in the arcades because of its speed and sit-down cabinets. However its playability never really matched its looks and sound, and I'm afraid that's true of this game as well. Don't get me wrong, it's fast and furious and great fun, but lacks a variety of gameplay to make it a total winner. The aliens are brilliant, with the difficulty level pitched just right. Still, well worth a gander if fast shoot 'em ups are your thing.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Mar, 1990)
Teil 2 ist wohl eher Action-Neulingen zu empfehlen, die ein unkompliziertes Game suchen, das keine übermäßig schnellen Reaktionen verlangt.
(üage 42/43)
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Apr, 1990)
Obviously a lot less sophisticated than the ST, but still not as good as it could've been. The chequered landscape floor moves smoothly and at good speed, and Harrier, aliens, missiles and horizon features are well defined. The problem is with colour clash, unsurprisingly - with different objects in close proximity it's difficult to see what you should dodge first. Thin sound effects do little to help a mildly fun but limited-interest blaster.
70 (Jul 08, 2004)
Space Harrier II is an enjoyable game. It's long enough to consider a purchase and should be added to anybody's stack of games at home who like shooters, especially the Space Harrier series. The music is great, the challenge is decent, and the experience is fun. Playing this version is probably the closest thing next to playing the original version in the arcades. Pick this up, it's fun.
Space Harrier 2 takes off right where the first game ended. The graphics are definitely better the second time around, and the backgrounds help compliment the alien settings. The only complaint I have is that the game is easier and shorter than the 8-Bit Harrier.
Amstrad CPCASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Apr, 1990)
Die Atari-ST- und Amiga-Version bestach durch ein schnelles Scrolling und eine farbenprächtige Grafik. Dieser Farbenvielfalt steht die CPC-Fassung in nichts nach: einfach toll. Das Scrolling ist hingegen - wie der gesamte Spielablauf - etwas langsamer geworden, was aber nicht verwundert, schließlich ist der Schneider kein 16bitter! In Sachen Sound steht der Schneider der ST-Urversion in nichts nach, ist also genauso gut oder schlecht. Tja, was soll ich da noch großartig sagen? Technisch hervorragend - wie die Vorgänger - „spielerisch“ aber längst veraltet.
Atari STPower Play (Apr, 1990)
Wer im Kampf um begehrte Spielautomaten-Lizenzen den kürzeren gezogen hat (oder nicht so viel Geld ausgeben wollte), der greift einfach auf japanische Videospiel-Hits zurück.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Mar, 1990)
Fazit: SPACE HARRIER II bietet gegenüber dem ersten Teil spielerisch nichts Neues. Technisch wie grafisch weiß es zwar mehr als der Vorgänger zu überzeugen, doch ist das Harrier-Thema mittlerweile etwas ausgelutscht. Das einzige, was zu tun ist, ist feindlichen Schüssen auszuweichen und herumzuballern. Vor zwei Jahren mochte das noch recht motivierend sein, doch in unserer, durch Extrawaffen „verwöhnten“ Zeit ist SPACE HARRIER nur noch ein Abklatsch einer alten Spielidee. Und so kann ich als alter Harrier-Freak im Jahre 1990 dem Programm nur das Prädikat „Besserer Durchschnitt“ verleihen, das sich technisch zwar von der besten Seite präsentiert, spielerisch aber kaum Abwechslung bietet.
AmigaPower Play (May, 1990)
Der Fluch der Technik: Dank seiner besseren Hardware-Eigenschaften ist die 3D-Grafik der Amiga-Umsetzung von "Space Harrier 2" schneller als die der ST-Version. So weit, so gut; nur spielt sich Space Harrier 2 dadurch etwas schlechter, da es nun einen Deut zu schnell und somit zu hektisch ist.
GenesisRaze (Jan, 1991)
There are 12 stages to Fantasyland, each accessible by defeating a monster on the previous level. The levels range from the easy Stuna area to the Hot Palace. All are made up of numerous alien waves, and the landscape scatteres with the trees, bushes and pillars so prevalent in the original. So grab yer blasting this ride's gonna be a rough one.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jun, 1990)
Not much different from the mediocre original.
Atari STST Format (Apr, 1990)
Dedicated fans of the coin-op are the only ones who stand to gain anything from Space Harrier ll because the "updated" version only offers a new set of levels instead of standing up as a game in its own right - a fact which won't attract much interest from the casual shoot-'em-up player and which will almost certainly condemn the game to the obscurity it so richly deserves.
WiiIGN (Feb 16, 2007)
Seeing Space Harrier II running on the Wii gives some hope for the future – perhaps Yu Suzuki will be inspired by the new console’s unique controls and choose to work on a fresh project taking advantage of that potential. An update to Space Harrier, using Wiimote aiming, Nunchuk character movement and having a silky-smooth 60fps framerate would be killer. But, unfortunately, none of that is here in this simple emulation. This version’s tough to love, and even tougher to recommend. You’d be better off saving your 800 Points and going for a different Genesis title – I’m sure Yu won’t mind at all.
WiiNintendo Life (Dec 19, 2006)
It's worth noting that this was one of the very first Genesis / Mega Drive titles and when compared to other similar games which came later it should come as no surprise to realise that Space Harrier II is as shallow as a puddle; there is no real feeling of immersion in the environment and this game gets boring very quickly. Hardcore Sega fans might find they can forgive the lightweight nature of the game, but everyone else is advised to pass up on this.
20 (UK) (Jan 23, 2007)
Sure, the sprites were gigantic for the time, and it was a bold in-your-face experiment in all sorts of ways, but it's a museum piece, nothing more. Trying to play the sequel over two decades on is a horrendous journey back in time, and a perfect example of something that should be locked away in a time capsule. And no, it's not just because the Mega Drive couldn't handle the sprite scaling as well as the arcade hardware - it's just torture to play.
Commodore 64Power Play (May, 1990)
Mit den ordentlichen Amiga- und ST-Versionen von "Space Harrier 2" verbindet die C 64-Umsetzung nur noch der Name. Was da an Zeichensatz-Grafik über den Bildschirm ruckelt, ist nicht mehr feierlich. Für 3D-Spiele ist der 64er leider nicht sonderlich geeignet, und Space Harrier 2 unterstreicht diese Aussage doppelt und dreifach.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Sep 09, 2001)
Try making a 3D game on a system that doesn't support 3D graphics, and the result might look something like Space Harrier II. You control a guy in a jetpack flying into the horizon, shooting enemies and obstacles that fly approach from the distance. Conveying a realistic illusion of depth requires smooth scaling, which this game is sorely lacking. Heck, your guy doesn't even move sideways smoothly. The result is a bunch of jumpy, pixelated images appearing all over the place. Enemy missiles, which look like rings, are especially tough to see coming. This is a mess.