Space Harrier Screenshots

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Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Stage 1 - Moot
Stage 1 boss
Stage 2 - Geeza
Big heads in stage 2
Game over
High score list

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Running and blasting.
Flying and blasting.

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Stage 1.
Here they come.
Blast them.
Keep going.
End of level boss.
Turning away from you.
Avoid the fire.
Ugly isn't he?
Got him.
Stage 2.
Avoid the rocks.
Too close the enemy.
Blast the heads.
Another wave.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Start of stage one
A set of three enemies
End of stage one boss
Watch out for the pillars
The second boss from a distance
The second boss up close
Stage three

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen (Sega)
Loading screen (Elite)
Title screen (Sega)
Title screen (Elite)
Stage 1 - blasting some attacking ships
A formation of flower-like enemies attacks
The first boss changes color when hit
Stage 2 - indestructible pillars and giant stone heads
Stage 3 - strange towers and flying crystals
The third boss - a two-headed dragon
Stage 4 - mushrooms...
... and moths
There are minor differences between the Sega and the Elite versions (note the slightly more detailed mushrooms in the Sega version)
The fourth boss - a giant robot
Stage 5 - the fourth boss is a regular enemy here
The fifth Boss - another dragon-like creature
Graphic recycling starts at stage 6
Stage 7 looks very similar to stage 2
The seventh boss - the first half is destroyed
Stage 8 looks similar to stage 2 and features enemies from stage 1
Stage 9 - shooting at a formation of stone heads
Stage 10 - mushrooms again, some of them now act like space ships
The last stage - nothing new here, just lots of giant robots

DOS version

Title screen
Dodge those floating rocks
Incoming aliens
Watch out, they're firing
Some particularly nasty guys

FM-7 version

Title screen
Flying through the level
Running on foot
Crashed by evil red guy...
Dragon boss roasting me
Enemy formation in level 2
Giant heads

Game Gear version

Lone gunman
High score table
Title Screen
Firing at nothing

NES version

Title Screen
First Level
Flying heads attack
Shooting the enemy
Enemies are quite unique
Levels have no details at all
Riding some sort of a dragon
Only protagonist drops shadow
Cyclops Mammoth
On the later stages the robots appear
Descent from mothership
One of the bosses
Another boss
Fire-breathing dragons

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Stage 1 - Moot
First Level Boss
Enemy Harriers!!
Watch out for that tree!!
Stage 2, with scary stone heads.
Things just get wierder and wierder.
Some levels have both a cieling and a floor.
Bonus Level

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Explosions and an enemy on the left
Dragon boss
Stage 2 enemies
Flying heads

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen / Main menu
Sound test mode
Options, I'll go with "NOMAL" difficulty
Stage 1
Time out, first boss dragon thing!
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4, hey it's that robot from the title screen
Bonus round, where the Harrier hops on the back of a white dragon named Uriah and the goal is to smash as much of the landscape as possible
Stage 6
Stage 7 and cyclops mammoth from the title screen appears
Stage 8

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Top 10... I mean Top 7
Giant Heads Attack!
Shooting nothing

SEGA Saturn version

Sega Ages Logo

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen (Japan)
Stage 1: Moot
Dodge the asteroids
Running on the ground
I think these enemies are called Tomos
A dragon comes
Hit by the dragon
I didn't make it to the high score

ZX Spectrum version

Loading picture
Main menu
Game start
In game action
Game over
High score input

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  • Space Harrier Screenshot
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  • Space Harrier Screenshot
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