Space Invaders Infinity Gene Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Main Menu
As you progress through the game, more shot types unlock
Starting from the start...
This seems familiar...
...but the game evolves!
Each stage has a title card like this
Now you're free to move anywhere on-screen using the touch screen!
Your ship continuously fires, leaving you free to dodge return fire and destory the invaders
After each stage, your results appear
Destroying UFOs makes these multicolored blobs appear - collect them to power up
Keep killing enemies in a row to increase your chain
More powerups means a stronger gun
These invaders are shielded!
Watch out for these giant laser bursts
Alternate between attacking and dodging this enemy's giant lasers
Stage 2-1 sees more newer enemies appearing
These big ships block your way as you progress
Shoot the bigger ships before they spawn in smaller invaders
More enemies teleport in just in front of you
It's Boss Time!
Defeat the boss to complete the stage
Fill the Gene Gauge in the results screen to evolve
Evolving unlocks a new path in the main menu