Space Invaders Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Title screen
Score table
Game mode selection
Game in progress
Selecting the game mode (Super Game Boy)
Title screen (Super Game Boy)
Score table (Super Game Boy)
Choose your favorite screen type to play this classic! (Super Game Boy)
Good ol' black and white Space Invaders! (Super Game Boy)
The cellophane screen mode (Super Game Boy)
The Space Invaders in color! (Super Game Boy)

SNES version

This golden invader appears in the opening sequence.
Title screen.
Options screen. Why only THREE options?!?
This is the screen type select. Choose your favorite and good luck!
Upright cabinet screen - Invaders on the Moon!
Black & white screen - the most classic of four screen types.
Black & white with cellophane screen - Totally "colored"!
Color screen - The UFO in the top of the screen appears randomly in the game. Shoot!
VS Mode - An additional bonus to the SNES version. Funny!
Score table. Kill ALL invaders now!

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
A familiar face :)
Choosing the cabinet in the classic mode
Black & white cabinet
Another interesting cabinet mode
Uh-oh, they are descending!..
Versus mode options
Versus mode in progress
"Cosmic versus" mode with pretty girls. It's a PC Engine version, after all :)
Cosmic versus mode in progress
Winning and losing :)
Omake mode

WonderSwan version

If this were in color that might be a giant golden space invader!
Mode select.
Game in progrees
The Mystery ship flies over head.
You Explode.

Official Screenshots

  • Space Invaders Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • Space Invaders Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996