In the Amiga version of the game, there was a color change from light purple to an orange color in some of the game's graphics. So for example, in the Amiga version the sky on the Planet Kerona is orange, instead of light purple like in most versions of the game, including the original DOS version, and the floor in the underground alien settlement is also orange instead of light purple. See the screen shot section for examples.

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Although, in the remake, the Star Generator looks like a giant mustard bottle, in this, the original version of the game, its designation, appearance, and function in the story all combine to make it a more obvious spoof of the Genesis Device in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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ZZ Top is also seen performing in the bar on Kerona.

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The Blues Brothers make an appearance performing at the space bar on the planet Kerona.

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This was the first Sierra Animated Adventure Game not having a fantasy theme.

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A general public misconception about Space Quest, is that the name "Roger Wilco" was first added in Space Quest 3.
In fact, this is not quite so, as if you don't enter a name at the start of Space Quest I, your name will automaticly become "Roger Wilco". So that name has been there since the very start of the series.

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There a lot of references to King's Quest in this game. Besides crash-landing in Daventry when you press the "don't touch button" (see screenshots), those evil Sariens seem to enjoy playing King's Quest. While on board the Deltaur, try talking to a Sarien. Type:


The following lines are some of the responses the game has to offer:

  • "Have you played King's Quest III?" you ask the guard. "Yes" responds the surprised guard, "I just bought it last week. It was on sale for 128.000 buckazoids at Tiny's Holodisk Shop. What a bargain!!!"
  • The guard outlines his favorite massacre, "the Great Daventry Rout" as he called it. You ponder the meaning of this for a while.
  • "Do you own King's Quest II ?" asks the nosy guard?

    Type: YES

    "Great!!!" responds the guard. Pondering his interest you ask yourself whether or not this guy is getting a kick-back from Sierra On-Line. Later you realize this is silly, what would a Sarien do with money from Coarsegold?"

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Vohaul's first name is referred to as "Slash" in Space Quest 1. In subsequent episodes, it was changed to "Sludge".

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The twosome responsible for the Space Quest series, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (aka The Two Guys From Andromeda), first approached Ken Williams in 1986 with the idea for the first game. Williams was unimpressed with the idea, but the two went ahead and programed a four room demo of their concept on their own time. After seeing it, Williams gave them the go-ahead to make the game.

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The creators got sued by Toys R Us as the game featured a parody of that chain named Droids B Us.

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The box actually included two retail coupons that you could use in the game.

One set from this game (The city on Planet Kerona) was reused in Space Quest IV.

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