Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter Screenshots

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Amiga version

The title: Space Quest
The Title: Roger Wilco in...
The Title: The Sarien Encounter
Our ship is being boarded by the Sariens!
Start of the game in the halls of the Arcada
A holographic image that offers you a way of transportation.
Out in the desert
Buying a robot
Arcada Library.
Library computer console.
A dying scientist.
Open or close the bay doors?
Changing into a space suit in the Arcada airlock.
Escape pod.
By a strange twist of fate - you ended up in Conquests of the Longbow! (Another Sierra game)
Headed towards the planet Kerona.
Outside your wrecked escape pod.
Outside a cave.
The cave of the orat!
Making your way past a rickety ledge.
Below the surface.
Grate monster.
The Two Guys are here for some on the spot commentary on Roger's death.
An alien.
The remake gives you the option of skipping the skimmer arcade sequence.
The skimmer arcade sequence.
Crashed the skimmer...
Do I trust this guy?
Slot machine.
Outback of the bar.
Droids B Us.
Picking up a droid.
Which space ship do I buy?
Enter a navigation code.
Flying through an asteroid field.
The Deltaur!
Deltaur airlock.
Inside the Detaur!

DOS version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Title screen 3
Ah, so THAT's how they did it...
The game begins: Roger Wilco and the Sariens
What would Space Quest be without the sarcastic humor?
Roger at the Arcada's central computer
In the Arcada's cartridge library
A gruesome scene with dead bodies... displaying the interface
Crash-landed on the desert planet Kerona. Moody, atmospheric graphics
Roger is smelling himself (no, really) near a mysterious giant skeleton on Kerona
Your inventory
Roger licks an elevator. Seriously. The game would sometimes provide humorous text feedback to such unexpected actions
Not really...
A typical Sierra situation - a monster is blocking the path... what do you do now? Displaying a readied inventory item
Chatting with a native inhabitant
Roger falls down a tunnel
Roger hides for cover as the Sarien Spider Droid and the Orat are about to meet!
An arcade sequence!
Welcome to Ulence Flats, the one civilized outpost on Kerona!
The Blues Brothers also make a cameo at the bar
Gambling for cash
Buying a ship
At Droids-B-Us: lots of familiar faces in here
You can journey back through time into a plug for Conquest of the Longbow!
Talking to your droid near a Droids-B-Us warehouse
Navigating in outer space
To infinity and beyond!
Cool jetpack landing on top of the Sarien spaceship
Roger tries to talk to the floor. He receives no answer
Infiltrating the Sarien mothership
One of the many death scenes - this one comes late in the game, accompanied by a colorful description
Roger is disguised!..
A funny conversation with an alien seller
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Ah, an escape pod! (EGA/Tandy)
Inside the cockpit. (EGA/Tandy)
Watch out for laser beams (EGA/Tandy)
ZZTop at the Rocket Bar (EGA/Tandy)
Outside the Rocket Bar. (EGA/Tandy)
Outside Droids B Us. (EGA/Tandy)
You can pick up a droid here. (EGA/Tandy)
Tiny's Used Spaceship Lot. (EGA/Tandy)
Which ship do you buy? (EGA/Tandy)
Airlock of the Sarien ship. (EGA/Tandy)
Inside an airlock. (EGA/Tandy)
Climbing through ducts. (EGA/Tandy)
Laundry room. (EGA/Tandy)
Hallways of the Deltaur. (EGA/Tandy)
Deltaur hallways. (EGA/Tandy)
More Deltaur hallway. (EGA/Tandy)
Gasp! It's the stolen Star Generator below! (EGA/Tandy)
Wait... Are you Marvin the Paranoid Android? (EGA/Tandy)
Deltaur escape pod hangar. (EGA/Tandy)