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A racing game with fabulous backdrops and a few nice touches Amiga Katakis | カタキス (39520)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 8 2.9
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 9 4.0
Thomson MO Awaiting 5 votes...
Thomson TO Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 17 3.5

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AmigaThe One (Nov, 1988)
The Amiga version is exactly the same than the ST version reviewed here, though the sound, particularly the samples are clearer.
Atari STThe One (Nov, 1988)
Put all aside though, Space Racer is a very addictive game. I hope it doesn't just get lost in the growing tide of 16-bit software.
There's a good variety of creatures and landscapes in Space Ranger, all of them very prettily drawn. While the number of levels is pretty limited - to eight, in fact - the action gets fast and exciting enough to make this very derivative game worth a look.
It's addictive driving stuff which won't be beaten easily. What it lacks is variety in the opposition. A few more levels and types of obstacles would have been nice.
Virtually the same as the Amiga. The road is, if anything, easier to follow but there's little to choose between them.
Atari STAtari ST User (Dec, 1988)
Peripheral niceties such as the eyes in the control panel which show objects ahead on the track, and inter-level screens of great detail and atmosphere are great. I only wish Loriciels had made it more competitive and paid more attention to the lasting appeal of the game.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jul, 1988)
Fazit: LORICIELS setzt mit SPACE RACER das fort, was mit Programmen wie Mach 3 und Captain Blood begonnen wurde. Technisch exzellente Programme, die meist nur an ihrem mageren Spielwitz oder an der nicht vorhandenen Komplexität kranken. Bei SPACE RACER ist alles vorhanden, was man von einem Spitzenspiel erwartet: Hervorragendes Titelbild mit exzellenter Digitalmusik, sehr gute Grafik und drei verschiedene Rennstrecken. Doch ist der Spielablauf sehr an Activision‘s GeeBee Air Rally angelehnt, das vor einiger Zeit für den Amiga erschien. Grafisch und spielerisch steht es diesem auch in nichts nach und kann sogar ein wenig mehr Atmosphäre aufweisen, Daher kann man SPACE RACER für Fans von Gee Bee Air RaIly, die keinen Amiga, dafür aber einen ST besitzen, durchaus empfehlen.
AmigaZzap! (Feb, 1989)
Hmmm! Looks suspiciously like the ST version this. All the programmers have done is use the Amiga's power to generate nicer backdrops and intro screens. Where's the extra sprite shading? The smoother hills? The improved sound? Left out, that's where. At the end of the first three tracks of Championship mode, the screen informs you that this was just a practice and you now have to race for your life, only to return you to level one with no apparent changes. Three levels for 20 quid? That's just not on. If you really want this type of game, then wait for it to appear on the bargain shelves.
AmigaPower Play (Feb, 1988)
Leider erreicht dieser Defender-Verschnitt bei weitem nicht die Klasse seines Vorbilds. Die drei grafisch unterschiedlichen Planeten samt Lebewesen sind zwar optisch ganz nett anzusehen - spielerisch bietet Space Ranger nur magere Durchschnittskost. Der gerühmte Soundchip Amiga muß sich ziemlich vernachlässigt vorkommen. Außer ein paar Bumm-Bumm-Geräuschen gibt er nichts von sich. Wer unbedingt ein Spiel dieser Art für seinen Amiga haben will, der kommt an Space Ranger momentan nicht vorbei.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Nov, 1988)
Very similar to the Amiga version, the only differences are poorer sound effects and a slightly jerkier, slower screen update. The affect of altitude on speed still makes the control system awkward and the unvarying gameplay tiresome, but then at least this version is nearer in line with its hosts capabilities.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Nov, 1988)
Assailants can be shot with a font-mounted cannon, but this too uses up precious power. Luckily, it can be replaced by picking at the offending obstacle after crashing, add little to a repetitive and unambitious game.