Scenes from this game are featured in the music video for Mouse On Mars' song Twift Shoeblade.

The victory theme heard after completing a level can be heard occasionally on one of the radio stations in DMA's 1999 game, Grand Theft Auto 2.

In a recent interview, Jimmy Chamberlin stated that this was one of his favorite games he had ever played.

The game has also been known to freeze up, but it is a rare occurrence. Freezes are more common when using the Expansion Pak. In some cases it is impossible to get past the first few start up screens if the Expansion Pak is present.

Another bug makes the player walk through the level bonus souvenir item, preventing the player from collecting all the souvenirs in the game. When this bug occurs, it is impossible for the player to complete the game and witness the proper ending for the game.

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1001 Video Games

Space Station Silicon Valley appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Music Video

Scenes from this game are featured in the music video for the Mouse on Mars' song Twift.

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