Space Station Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Game start
Level 92

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting of level 00: energy is very high, but we first require some fuel. Fuel are the blue crystals.
Connections to other rooms are marked with the "Exit" ones. A lift is activated as soon as the player steps on it
WOW! I found the floppy disk for self destruction. And even better, there is an ammunition box below (the green one)
Am I supposed to be here?
Deeper in the station there is a flower lab. I will not cut anything of course, but maybe shoot it?
Quite green for a space station
A huge collection of ammunition boxes. I think the robots below will soon are switched off
The tubes are not deadly, but exits from this room
Some lifts, new graphic tiles
The first two robots had contact with my weapon. I am confused what the tracker (bottom right) wants to tell me
This running was to far: falling in the void is an instant game ending
Entering the high-score table
High-score table