Sparkle Screenshots

iPad version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Instructions screen
Progress in Quest mode
Amulets give u a much needed boost
Start off some simple levels to clear
Level cleared
Achievements and Trophies
Survival level selection
Child of Autumn level in action
Challenge mode level selection
Round and round the Blueberry Drain
Tricky to keep 2 rows in check

Sparkle Screenshots

Windows version

Initial loading screen setting the scene
Main menu
How the game works - you can experiment on here
Game modes - collect an Amulet to unlock the Survival mode.
Game start
Removed the first yellows, now lining in the blues.
The moment of impact
Level complete
Now the line is split - a clever shot here can remove 6 balls.
Gold dust in use - the green is gone.
Can't get to the first reds right now.
Level completion screen
The overall quest
A more angled 'snake' of balls this time
Got the paint pot icon ready.
Point of impact
An easy run-in this time
Gold dust
Slotting it in.
Using a wild tile.
A fragmented position
A more unusual shaped level
Level completion
Amulet explanation
Choose your path wisely.
The aiming ray is a useful power-up.
Big chains mean bonuses.
Life lost
This is very precarious.
The blues have been washed away.
The second amulet to discover.
Big clearance action
Level complete
The journey map
I've had it....
Survival mode
A snaky line
Life lost