Spartan Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading splash screen
One of the initial loading screens
Main menu. "Glorious dead" is the exit button.
An explanation of controls.
Level selection.
Each level has an unique loading screen.
Making our way through the passage.
Dramatic spear strike.
We've thrown our spear away, now it's swordfighting time.
Killing enemies in a berserk rage.
A bloody beheading. We've also gotten a plethora of score bonuses.
Quickly hide from the arrows...
...because this is what happens to those who don't.
It's safe again, let's keep going.
Two heads off at once!
A weird, creepy magician.
What's worse, it's a bomb-tossing magician.
The bomb explosion is quite damaging.
King Leonidas dies.
The game over screen.