Spear Resurrection Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Check out the title screen!
The soldiers from the original game are back again
The suicide clone blows himself up whenever he is in your proximity
MCSmk3 is one of the new weapons
This is the first level in which you have to survive a terrible minefield
End of the level one displaying the player stats
Gold key is one of the keys you have to collect to clear the level
This is the second key called the 'Elevator key' that you have to find
Some of the columns are crumbly and can be destroyed with a few shoots or knife jabs
Bronze key - another one of those keys that you need
This is the blood key, any guesses why it is called that?
This is the cool "Artifact of Death", it sucks the life-force of anyone that passes over it (including B.J)
This "Artifact of displacement" teleports B.J to another location in the level

Windows version

Title screen
Background story, from the 68-page in-game manual
Some of the game's new, mystical objects
Main menu
Starting off in a forest unknown
Some of these berry bushes will heal you - others are poisonous
Attack of the suicide clones!
Clones revert to their original 'waste matter' form when killed. Ugh... smell ya later
Suddenly I don't feel like steak anymore... *gag*
An Artefact of Life hidden away in an inaccessible, dank tunnel
The blood key (with some exploding barrels for company)
An MCS gun... time to redecorate, in brain-matter grey!
A clone's habitat, hinting at grisly, unspeakable habits
Some of the stone columns aren't as sturdy as others
Key to the elevator
Interior design, Nazi-style
SS at the WC. Bathroom break's over, Kamerad
Artefact of Displacement - wonder where it'll drop me off...
The first boss fight
Superclone defeated!
A lavish dining hall
Hitting up the armory
Turning Japanese? I really think so
Sorry 'bout the office, mein guter Herr