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Special Operations

Special Operations Commodore 64 Title Screen.


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ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC
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During World War II a highly guarded compound has been photographed by a reconnaissance plane hidden in a forest. After many intelligent reports it has been discovered that under the compound is a research complex which are getting nearer to the development of a bacterial virus and a new type of rocket which when combined will cause devastation and disease. You and a team of four, have been tasked to parachute into the forest near the compound to find the compound, get in the compound, enter the complex, get the plans for the virus, rocket fuel, guidance system and rocket fuel before blowing the place up. You must then get to a rendezvous point to be picked up by a plane. Remember the surrounding areas have patrolling guards and the compound and complex are heavily guarded.

Before you start you can pick from seven missions which each one is more difficult than the other. The first mission is just to find the compound and photograph it while the last mission is where you have to actually blow up the complex and reach the rendezvous point. You can now choose how long in hours (1-9 times ten) the mission will take before the plane arrives. Each movement in the forest is worth 20 mins while inside the compound it is 2 mins. You now must pick a team of four soldiers to attempt the mission. There are 30 skills to choose from in which you as the leader have all 30 but the other soldiers have two of them. You are only aware of one skill so you can interview each man or just select them. Each interview takes a day and you only have 8 days before the mission starts.

Once you are happy with your selection you then start the game. You view the forest from above with the whole forest shown on the screen. You cannot see any terrain but just the trees. You are a flashing square and you can see any objects one place in front North, South, East and West. Objects that can be found are caves, potholes, lakes or houses. These can be explored for any equipment left there and next to the map of the forest is a map of the object you want to explore. You can only see so far in front so you have to move around to see more of the objects passages. Any items found can be picked up. Occasionally in the forest you will come across a patrol that need killing. To the right of the forest map again is a map of the area showing your men's positions and the positions of guards. You then select which enemy soldier your men will shoot at then move them two places. You fire at the patrol and then they fire back. You then choose which man shoots who again and move them until all the patrol are dead or you have all been killed.

Once you have reached the complex, the screen shows an aerial view of the whole complex. Here you then attempt to complete what mission you picked at the start. It is now up to you how you want to enter the compound and move about remembering guard patrols cannot be seen. If you manage to get into the complex you move around to complete the mission. Once you have fulfilled your objectives you must get out of the complex, compound and find the rendezvous to go home. If you are captured you will be interrogated and shot. A keyboard is used to control the game.


Special Operations Commodore 64 Captured, interrogated and shot.
Special Operations Commodore 64 Stumbled onto a patrol.
Special Operations Commodore 64 Searching the cave, found some keys.
Special Operations Commodore 64 You've landed in the forest.

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