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Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

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Windows Mobile
Atari ST

User Reviews

Awesome futuristic sports game! DOS Roedie (5225)
Yet to be bettered Amiga Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker (419)
Made me purchase an Atari ST Atari ST Neepie Lantern (482)
Clearly inferior to the Amiga version. DOS Tomer Gabel (4365)
Brutal. Fast. Fun. DOS Gothicgene (83)
The #1 future sports game! DOS Vince (4)
Even better than the Amiga version DOS Mussan Smith (2)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Acorn 32-bit 1 4.0
Amiga 65 4.1
Amiga CD32 8 2.7
Atari ST 7 2.8
BlackBerry Awaiting 1 votes...
Commodore 64 6 2.0
DOS 52 3.7
Game Boy 6 1.8
Game Boy Advance 5 2.5
Genesis 21 3.3
J2ME 3 2.5
SEGA Master System 8 2.5
Windows Mobile 4 1.8
Xbox 360 3 2.4
Combined MobyScore 189 3.4

The Press Says

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AmigaAmiga Power
The ultimate future sport game to date - fast, brutal, enormously playable. The Bitmaps' finest moment.
Tja, und nun zum Resümee: Speedball 2 ist schnell, spaßig, hart und stylisch. Gerade die alternativen Möglichkeiten, mehr Punkte zu bekommen (Multiplikator, Bonusfelder, Gegner kaputt prügeln) üben einen enormen Reiz aus. Dazu noch der nette kleine Pseudo-Manager, und fertig ist eines der coolsten Sportspiele, die es gibt. Zehn Punkte und eine unbedingte Empfehlung, zumal das Genre "surreales Sportspiel" in heutiger Zeit quasi nicht mehr existent ist.
Atari STPixel-Heroes.de
Tja, und nun zum Resümee: Speedball 2 ist schnell, spaßig, hart und stylisch. Gerade die alternativen Möglichkeiten, mehr Punkte zu bekommen (Multiplikator, Bonusfelder, Gegner kaputt prügeln) üben einen enormen Reiz aus. Dazu noch der nette kleine Pseudo-Manager, und fertig ist eines der coolsten Sportspiele, die es gibt. Zehn Punkte und eine unbedingte Empfehlung, zumal das Genre "surreales Sportspiel" in heutiger Zeit quasi nicht mehr existent ist.
If you liked the original, you'll love this sequel. Created by the extraordinarily talented Bitmap Brothers. Speedball 2 is subtitled 'Brutal Deluxe.' It means it. The game of speedball (a combination of hockey, armor, pinball, and mayhem) has become so violent it has had to be moved underground. This version has more player attributes and other enhancements to make the play even more frantic, not to mention bloodthirsty. If you thought the original Speedball was fast-moving, wait 'til you see this one! The playfield (pitch) is bigger, but the automatic scrolling is so responsive you'll be reaching for the dramamine bottle in no time. The player animations have also been redone with more detail. Now when you give someone an elbow, you see it onscreen. Speedball 2 is deliciously vicious, sort of like the Sex Pistols on steroids. It's also one of the most highly playable games to come along in quite a while.
AmigaAmiga Power
The ultimate future sport game to date - fast, brutal, enormously playable. The Bitmaps' finest moment. Teams can be hard to tell apart in the heat of the action. The best.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Incredible! The ST version was good, but the Amiga version has everything! Smooth scrolling, a new 32 colour pitch and totally amazing sound (you can even hear the ice-cream vendor in the crowd!). And there's fabbo intro music composed by new band Nation 12. For sheer playability and depth, Speedball 2 is probably the best sports game ever seen on the Amiga! Go for it, or alternatively feel rather stupid.
One of the advantages of computerizing a fictionalized game is that you can completely change it for the sequel, doubling the size of the pitch and throwing in loads of new features. Try doing that with footie!
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Right from the initial intro sequence, the entire thing simply oozes a class and quality that is rarely found in a lot of games. Dan Malone's graphics are nothing short of spectacular, with brilliantly animated sprites and metallic backdrops, and the sound is a treat to the ears, with thumps, groans, cheers and the clang of the ball rebounding off the walls! The playability holds it all together, of course, and it generates a sort of addictive power that it's almost impossible to put the joystick down once you start playing. Overall, a totally brilliant sequel, and a magnificent game in it's own right. To put it bluntly, if you don't get this immediately, you must be completely round the twist!
What the Bitmaps have here is a remarkably playable and even more violent future sports game, with extra points on the pitch and very useable manager section that give it a variety and an element of strategy that Speedball lacked. Plus the fact that no expense has been spared on the sound or the graphics. Some rich soul would have to bribe me hideous amounts of money not to like this game, any offers Hewson...?
Atari STThe One
Both Management and Gym sections are welcome additions (one of the things that most Speedball players asked for was more flexible control of the teams) and, for once, do have a noticeable effect on the game itself - just try buying one of the Star Players and see what happens! Dan Malone's stunning visuals give the whole thing the polished look it deserves, and presentation is flawless, right down to the wailing sirens of the Medic Droids as they transport an injured player off the pitch! Speedball II is a tremendous improvement over its illustrious predecessor. You simply cannot do without it.
Atari STST Format
[Budget re-release] Speedball 2 is as close to perfection as they come: a one-player game, loving every minute of being on your ST, exuding its radiation at you with the smug satisfaction of knowing it's bloody difficult to beat; a two-player game over which wars have been settled, battles have been won and lost, family arguments have been started (”Tommy, get down here for your tea this minute!"), and innumerable joysticks have been laid to rest. Possibly the ST’s finest hour to date; at just under 30 quid a must, at just under a tenner a sheer, unprecedented sine qua non. Buy it.
Commodore 64Commodore Format
Speedball 2 is simply stupendous - full marks to Carl Muller (code) and Alan Tompkin (graphics). If this title doesn't hit number one in the charts, I think i'll quit reviewing and go and write naff soccer games for a living instead.
AmigaAmiga Format
The best future-sport available so far... It makes Gridiron Football look like the Royal Ballet!
Atari STRaze
What the Bitmaps have here is a remarkably playable and even more violent future sports game, with extra points on the pitch and very useable manager section that give it a variety and an element of strategy that Speedball lacked. Plus the fact that no expense has been spared on the sound or the graphics. Some rich soul would have to bribe me hideous amounts of money not to like this game, any offers Hewson...?
GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Graphically, the game is a joy to behold. Detailed sprites, smart backgrounds and some nice special effects all add up to a veritable visual feast. The sound doesn't quite match up to the standard of the graphics, but it still includes some lovely samples and tunes. The options are comprehensive to say the least, with different combinations of teams, players and equipment available. All in all, the best sports sim available on the Megadrive and an essential purchase.
Atari STZero
So the question is: Is Speedball 2 better than the original Speedball? The answer, of course, is: who cares? Both games stand up and crap on most others from a great height. I'd look on the original as a good way of weaning yourself onto the sequel. All the tactics of the first can be used in the second, as well as a few sly underhand, cunning, new ones as well, especially the 'after-touching' of balls (rugby shower-rooms again you see) and actually killing other players (rugby yet again).
AmigaAmiga Power
Compatible with the A600 and A1200 for the first time, it's football with an attitude and a body count, and the kind of thing programmers should come up with more often.
GenesisSega Force
Sådana som bara SKA bli bäst kan ha roligt länge med Speedball 2, men roligast är det att mosa sina vänner, förnedra grannarna och köra häcken av familjemedlemmarna. Grafiken är av hög klass, ljudet är bra och spelet flyter. En klassiker, kort och gott!
AmigaACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Phew! The ST version was great, but the Amiga version is little short of amazing. The pitch seems to scroll more quickly and smoothly, and play seems faster (although the Bitmaps swear that both versions are identical speedwise). The Amiga's graphic superiority it utilised to produce better pitch detail and the support screens are drawn in 32 colours. But the most impressive improvement is the sound: the crowd roars, players grunt and groan as they get beaten up and the commentator shouts out "Replay" and "Get ready!" - there's even a vendor in the crowd yelling "Ice cream! Ice cream!" It's one of the best examples of how great sound can really add to a game, and easily makes this the future sports sim to buy.
GenesisSega Force (UK)
Speedball 2 was a massive hit on the Amiga and this superb conversion should see Mega Drivers hip-deep in blood too. Matches are short, fast and very exciting. They may not have the tactical depth of Kick Off with all its formations and intricate passing, but a more involved management game helps compensate.
Commodore 64Your Commodore
Overall, I recommend anyone has a look at this, even if like me, you don't like this kind of game. It really is bloody addictive stuff. Go and buy this game, I promise you'll love it.
Commodore 64Pixel-Heroes.de
Die C-64-Version kriegt nur neun, so müllige Grafik ist auch für den kleinen Commodore schlichtweg eine Beleidigung. Außerdem ist die KI wesentlich schlechter und die Lebensenergie der Spieler viel zu hoch ausgefallen, weswegen es zumindest mir noch nie passiert ist, dass irgendwer KO ging, und zudem kann man mit dämlichen Tricks sehr viele Punkte machen. Das ist zwar gegen den Computer oft sehr nützlich, kann einem aber schon mal das Match gegen einen menschlichen Gegner versauen. Aber wie ich schon sagte: geiles Spiel bleibt geiles Spiel. Auch mit Bugs und Drecksgrafik.
Commodore 64Zzap!
A stunning conversion, superior in some ways to the Amiga game, and overall one of the most playable one or two player games about.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Die Bitmap Brothers haben von jeher ein glückliches Händchen bei ihren Fortsetzungen, man denke nur an “Xenon II”. Und die Neuauflage des Brutalo-Sports hat ja schon am ST recht gut ausgesehen, mit der brandneuen Amigaversion haben sich die Jungs aber mal wieder selbst übertroffen! Und das war bestimmt nicht einfach, den schließlich ging es darum, einen Meilenstein der Softwaregeschichte nochmals zu verbessern: Als „Speedball“ vor ca. zwei Jahren herauskam, war so gut wie jeder von dem futuristischen Sportspektakel begeistert – das Game war nicht nur unheimlich schnell, sondern auch genial einfach zu handhaben. Regeln gab es praktisch keine, man musste einfach den „Ball“ (eine Stahlkugel) irgendwie ins gegnerische Tor bugsieren – ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste!
Atari STACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Well brutal graphics and splash screens, but I was a little disappointed with the lack of any digitised screams when you pummel the opposition into the ground. Rhythm King's Nation 12 (John Foxx with some ex-Fall and Bomb the Bass characters) produced the meltdown mix on the title screen - the muffled quality of the sampled instruments actually improves the overall effect of this dance track. The game slows down slightly when players move horizontally. The version reviewed came as a pre-production disk and photocopied manual, the Bitmap Brothers told us it was 98% finished. The only things left to do were "minor tweaks" to the game.
Atari STST Format
One of the best things about Speedball was the ability to really rub someone's face in it when you scored a goal. This version goes one better by including slow motion replays of the goal. Speedball 2 is more of the same but it's extremely well done and a superb game.
Atari STAtari ST User
Often copied but never bettered, Speedball 2 has to be the finest future sport game available. The graphics are excellent and make for a real show-piece. The sound, too, is nothing short and brilliant, the up-tempo rhythm providing the perfect atmosphere. Combine the first class presentation with outstanding gameplay and you've got it. If you liked Speedball you'll love Speedball 2.
GenesisMean Machines
Speedball 2 is one of the finest Amiga games I've ever played, and apart from minor sonic differences, this Megadrive version is exactly the same. All the fun of beating up a legion of enemy players and scoring a goal after gratuitously assaulting the goalie has you playing on your 16-bir machine for ages! I also like the way that scoring points isn't solely reliant on getting the ball past the opposing goalie. All of the score multiplying and star-spangling makes for some exciting action in the mid-field area as well as at each end. The graphics and sound are good, serving their purpose well, and with all of the different game options, there's tons here to be getting on with. As fast-action violent games go, Speedball 2 is excellent, with only EA Ice Hockey beating it in the entertainment stakes.
SEGA Master SystemMean Machines
I wasn't really impressed with Speedball on the Master System, but this is a completely different kettle of fish. The original game was quite slow and tedious, but even with the bigger play area that the Master System has to cope with, Speedball II manages to retain the same manic pace as the Amiga classic. The graphics are fine. Obviously, the colour and definition aren't quite as smart as the 16-bit versions, but the actual gameplay remains really close to the original. My one gripe is that the player intelligence isn't quite as advanced as the original versions and with no Kick Off-style scanner, passing the ball is made very difficult because you can't really see where your players are. Other than that though, Speedball II remains an excellent sports sim that should appeal to anyone owning a Master System.
Die technische Umsetzung ist einfach atemberaubend; selbst wenn das Game auf einem 286er ohne besondere Zusatzausstattung läuft, sind Grafik und Sound bereits überdurchschnittlich. Mit 386er und Soundkarte glaubt man seinen Augen und Ohren nicht zu trauen: ruckelfreie Animationen (wie sich die Sprites über einen Torerfolg freuen, muß man selbst gesehen haben...), Sprachausgabe und eine über alle Zweifel erhabene Handhabung! Speziell die Joysticksteuerung ist das reinste Weltwunder - obwohl der Stick ja die Achillesferse so vieler PC-Actiongames ist, reagiert er hier sogar noch einen Tick besser als bei der Amiga-Urversion. Was soll man noch mehr sagen? Speedball 2 ist ein Hit von einem Hit!
AmigaASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Speedball II weiß auf dem Amiga genauso zu überzeugen wie die Urfassung. Die Grafik ist nach wie vor sehr gut; das Scrolling ist flüssig und schnell. Die Soundeffekte mitsamt digitalisierter Sprachausgabe sind nahezu perfekt und fördern den Spielspaß ungemein. Summa summarum ist diese Umsetzung durchweg hervorragend gelungen und macht sogar ‘ne Ecke mehr Spaß als die ST-Fassung!
Atari STAtari ST User
The futuristic theme is taken up in the attractive appearance of the game. The metallic-looking sports arena is clearly set out and so none of the action is missed. The sound track is good and it's a shame that the music could not be continued throughout the game instead of rather sparse sound effects. All in all though, it's a great game with plenty of action and the management side of having to develop a strategy and build your team variety.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Von der technischen Seite präsentiert sich Speedball II bestens. Ich jedenfalls wüßte keinen Punkt, den ich zu kritisieren hätte: Das Scrolling ist flüssig, die Animation der Spieler gut, und die Soundeffekte passen zum Spiel. Auch die Steuerung ist exakt und einfach handzuhaben, ganz so, wie man es vorn Original her gewöhnt ist. Speedball II ist wirklich eine Klasse für sich! Die Neuerungen sind durchweg als positiv zu bezeichnen - das Spiel macht nun noch mehr Spaß, ist noch motivierender und gehört in jede Spielesammlung. Was soll ich noch sagen? Am besten nichts, überzeugt Euch lieber selbst von diesem Klassespiel!
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Wem es bei SPEEDBALL 2 nicht zu hart zur Sache geht, der kann solche Szenen nun auch auf dem MEGA DRIVE hautnah nacherleben — in allerhöchster Qualität. MIRRORSOFT hat sich bei dieser Umsetzung, die sich genausogut wie auf dem Amiga spielt und sich durch dieselbe flotte Grafik auszeichnet, redlich Mühe gegeben. Die gleichen Spielmodi sorgen für spielerische Kurzweil, was will man mehr?
DOSASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Auf dem PC ist die Grafik mit der des Amigas nahezu identisch. Auch die Soundeffekte gehen in Ordnung, obwohl man mehr draus hätte machen können. Die Spielbarkeit ist gut.
Xbox 360Console Monster
If you liked the original, Speedball 2 will not fail to fulfil your expectations. With the enhanced modes, online leaderboards and ranking, local and online play over LIVE and some challenging achievements, Speedball 2 is a worthy purchase for the 800MS Points.
AmigaTop Secret
I to już wszystko. Wszystkim graczom życzę aby ich drużyna niczym ekspres przeszła wszelkie eliminacje i zdobyła wszystkie możliwe tytuły, puchary, nagrody, itd.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Speedball 2 is the class of the Heavy Metal Sports league even though it should have some sort of "entire field" view that would enable you to develop goal-to-goal strategies. However, if you don't want to spend the time to manage your team look elsewhere. Speedball plays hardball all the way.
Xbox 360Eurogamer.net (UK)
In most ways that matter, this is a fine conversion of an enduring classic, and is exactly the sort of game that makes Xbox Live Arcade one of the most exciting gaming platforms around. Available for 800 points, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is not necessarily the sort of game that newcomers will take to, but for those of us who were around at the time, it's damn near essential. The Bitmaps deserve credit for not messing around with what made it great - but fix those bugs soon, eh chaps?
Game BoyN-Force
Overall, an action-packed game that's a cinch to play but difficult to put down.
Xbox 360TeamXbox
Playing the original ROM of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is great, but we were hoping that the Xbox Live Arcade graphically enhanced gameplay would be a bit better. This isn’t a huge deal unless you must play with the updated visuals; we’ll assume most of you won’t mind decent sprite-based graphics from yesteryear. The enhanced mode also seems to suffer from some control hiccups that the classic mode does, which is an even bigger shame. The classic mode also gets a nice shadow on the ball when a high pass is thrown, which is sadly absent from the enhanced version. This lack of shadow actually makes the enhanced mode more difficult to play well and, consequently, makes it a letdown for the most part. The bottom line: Pick up Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe for its ROM-perfect mode and online extras, but not for the (nifty-looking) enhanced visuals.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Anders sieht‘s bei Commodores Kleinem aus. Die Grafik ist recht schnell, dafür aber sehr schlicht. So bleibt vom grafischen Reiz des Programms nichts übrig. Zwar ist auch hier der Sound nicht so toll — eine Titelmusik gibt‘s überhaupt nicht - und die Replay-Funktion fehlt, doch macht die C64-Fassung ebenfalls reichlich Spaß.
Xbox 360Defunct Games
Speedball 2 doesn't offer a lot of frills and extras, but it does prove to still be a solid action/sports game that is just as violent today as it was 17 years ago. Fans of Speedball should be impressed with what Bitmap Brothers have done with this franchise and new players shouldn't have much trouble seeing what the appeal is. It's not for everybody, but Speedball 2 is worth checking out.
AmigaPower Play
Die Präsentation schlägt alle Konkurrenzprodukte locker aus dem Feld: Neben der durchgestylten Grafik, der atmosphärischen Titelmusik und den witzigen Digi-Effekten zauberten die Grafiker auch ein paar der miesesten Totschlägervisagen seit der letzten Skinhead-Jahresversammlung auf den Monitor. Das Match selbst ist schnell und unkompliziert; da‘s die meisten Extras, Effekte und Zwischenbilder im ersten Teil nicht gab, lohnt sich der Kauf auch für den Speedball-Kenner.
GenesisPower Play
"Speedball 2" bietet härteste Actionkost und massig Spielspaß à la Bitmap Brothers. Grafik und Sound sehen gegenüber dem Original zwar eine Idee abgespeckter aus, lindern aber den prachtvollen Brutalo-Spaß nicht die Bohne. Nach anfänglicher Hektik und Frustration motiviert Speedball 2, dank Paßwortsystem, ungemein. Für Sportfans, die gern harte Spielchen knacken, empfehlenswert.
Atari STPower Play
Wo werden Mannschaften für 200 Jahre gesperrt, die während des Spiels den Schiedsrichter foltern? Bei "Speedball" natürlich, jener liebenswerten Sportart des 21. Jahrhunderts, welche das Programmierteam "Bitmap Brothers" vor zwei Jahren erfand. Beim Nachfolger "Speedball 2" wurde die harte Mannschaftssportart in jeder Hinsicht aufgemöbelt. Zur kernigen Action beim Gerangel um einen Stahlball kamen eine Portion Trainerstrategie, ein größeres Spielfeld und neue Wege, um Punkte zu erzielen.
Amiga CD32Amiga Joker
Traurig genug also, daß man sich hier kaum über Verbesserungen freuen darf, sondern vielmehr über jedes Feature froh sein muß, das sich gegenüber dem Original nicht verschlechtert hat. Jedoch läuft Speedball 2 auch auf 1200ern mit CD-ROM tadellos, was insofern sehr löblich ist, als die ECS-Versionen die Zusammenarbeit mit AGA-Rechnern ja stets verweigerte. Und so ist dieser Import-Titel trotz seiner englischen Kurzanleitung und sonstiger Macken halt unter dem Strich doch eine Bereicherung für die Silbermine der Amiga-Familie.
(page 70)
Xbox 360Planet Xbox 360
Speedball 2 is not going to win any beauty contests, and the controls make it feel as though you are playing with a field of squeaky tin men, but it is not without its charms. The wealth of game modes, ability to run and grow an online team, and frantic gameplay ensure you will play this title for longer than a quick stroll down memory lane.
Il y a là deux extrêmes dans le game design de Speedball 2. D'un côté, ce moyen standard de marquer facilement à tous les coups, de l'autre, une agressivité surhumaine de la part de l'ordinateur. Le second semble là pour corriger tant bien que mal le premier. Et cela conduit à une conclusion d'une sévérité foudroyante mais incontournable: le game design est fondamentalement défectueux; les règles mêmes du sport ne fonctionnent pas. Oui, on peut s'amuser, on s'y est amusé et on s'y amusera encore, mais il n'y a pas de véritable technique sportive derrière. Ce que l'on fait, c'est simplement suivre un mode opératoire. On ramasse les jetons, on active le multiplicateur, on électrifie la balle et on l'envoie dans les buts, en évitant tant bien que mal le rouleau compresseur en face. C'est une logique de jeu vidéo, que cette conversion Mega Drive, par sa difficulté, rend plus évidente encore.
Xbox 360Games Radar
Speedball 2 is a fun little game that will probably do a better job in stirring nostalgia in those who were playing it 16 years ago rather than drawing in any new players. It's not going to set the Xbox Live Arcade world on fire by any means, but slots in nicely as another well-done classic game revival.
Speedball 2 is a fine example how a lazy port can really drag down a great premise. The gameplay is still fun, but too few options, dull graphics, and the especially horrible music and sound effects really ruin the experience. It's kind of like putting a star quarterback in a team full of second-rate college footballers: He may deliver a great solo effort, but he alone can't win the game against other pro-teams. If you're able to look past the slipshod presentation and are only looking for a few fast games, then it's definitely worth your while. The fast gameplay is truly gripping, and few things are more satisfying than turning around an almost-lost game by scoring a goal in the last few seconds.
Xbox 360GameSpot
The Xbox Live Arcade version of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, then, does a solid job of re-creating 1991's game, but falls short almost every time it attempts to improve upon or enhance it. Attaining some of the new game's varied achievements is tough enough to provide a lasting challenge even for speedball veterans, but don't expect great things from the online play. If you're new to Speedball 2, there are certainly worse XBLA games that you could spend your points on, but remember when the original was made, and don't expect to win many matches until you've learned your way around the arena.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany)
Wer schon mal das 16-Bit-Speedball gespielt hat, wird sicherlich ein wenig enttäuscht sein, denn im Vergleich zur Computer-Version ist das Spiel auf dem Gameboy natürlich etwas unübersichtlicher. Selbst an Speed hat die Umsetzung etwas einbüßen müssen, obwohl wir generell betonen können, daß die Bitmaps bei Speedball 2 teilweise bis an die Grenzen „moderner“ Gameboy-Technik vorgedrungen sind. Etwas ärgerlich ist allerdings, daß wie auf einen Zwei-Spieler-Modus verzichten müssen.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection
Speedball 2 è migliore del capitolo precedente sotto tutti gli aspetti, ma si porta ancora dietro dei difetti che ne diminuiscono la giocabilità. Un titolo comunque da provare soprattutto se avete la possibilità di giocare contro un amico.
Xbox 360Gamernode
This game may or may not have been popular and revolutionary when it came out, but by today's standards it's just plain boring.
GenesisVideo Games
Auf dem Homecomputer Amiga war Speedball eines der besten Sportspiele: Schnell, hart und erbarmungslos. Die Fortsetzung auf dem Mega Drive hätte jedoch eher den Namen "Slowball" verdient, denn das vertikale Scrolling bewegt sich nahezu in Zeitlupe. Im Gegensatz zum Computeroriginal sehen auch die Sprites einfarbig und trist aus. Außerdem ist neben der individuellen Teamzusammenstellung und dem Sammeln von Goldmünzen nichts Neues hinzugekommen.
Xbox 360IGN
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is not terrible, by any means. It's a faithful translation of a classic game that many gamers have fond memories of playing. The gameplay hasn't aged well, though, leaving most of the game's appeal to fans of the original. If you are one of those said fans, ten dollars isn't a bad price for a trip down memory lane. If you never played Speedball 2 before, though, it may be all too apparent why you missed it the first time around.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxvideo.com
Un titre qui accuse malheureusement un sacré coup de vieux et qui souffre désormais d'un gameplay un peu trop limité pour tenir le joueur en haleine très longtemps. Dommage car l'on passe quand même d'agréables moments avec Speedball 2 notamment grâce à ses différents modes de jeux et ses possibilités en multijoueur.
Xbox 360MS Xbox World
If you take away all the bad things in this version, and you are still left with the same game as the original. Add in achievements and online leader boards, and you’ve got something that might appeal to fans of the original. New comers will have to take the learning curve and the slightly overpriced 800 points price tag into consideration. With what they have tried to add to the original game, it’s a shame it didn’t provide more. I see it as a case of a good job emulating but severely lacking in ambition and originality.
Xbox 360Gamers' Temple, The
There are options to play in tournaments, to spend cash to improve your players, and to play online against other players, but when the gameplay is this frustrating and unappealing you’ll have no desire to spend the time with the game to make use of these other modes and features. Unless you grew up playing Speedball 2 and have a strong desire to relive your childhood you should probably pass on this one.
Xbox 360Gaming Nexus
Speedball 2 doesn't offer a lot of frills and extras, but it does prove to still be a solid action/sports game that is just as violent today as it was 17 years ago. Fans of Speedball should be impressed with what Bitmap Brothers have done with this franchise and new players shouldn't have much trouble seeing what the appeal is. It's not for everybody, but Speedball 2 is worth checking out.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Speedball - another name for a fast sphere of energy that you chase around, smacking opponents and laying them out on their respective duffs. Sounds exciting, probably not, because this has been done too many times before. Oh well, creativity is hard to find.
Xbox 360GamingExcellence
Classic Speedball II may have been a big success in 1991, and could even be described as Bitmap Brothers’ franchise game, but players today demand far more for their gaming dollar. The poor animations, and more than anything, the lax controls, make this a game that few will play more than once.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe used to be fun, but time has not been kind. Despite a variety of new gameplay options, this Xbox Live Arcade entry is not worth a second glance, due to poor controls, graphics, and sound. Skip It.