Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Main menu
Game start
Saved by the keeper

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Main menu
Managing players
Upgrading players
Kick off
If enemy player touches red ball, he's knocked out
Goal celebration
Goal replay
Final score
Lost the match
Won the match

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Main menu
Upgrading players
Managing players
Kick off
It's possible to kick down enemy player
Goal celebration
Goal replay
Final score
Lost the match
Won the match

Atari ST version

Title screen
Grind, grind
Main menu
Further options
Managing your players.
Is player 1 ready?
Get that ball!
And the game's on!
Can't say I was much good.
The computer player hands me my tail.
Oh, the showboating doesn't help my sore ego.

Commodore 64 version

Intro - Speedball is forced underground
Intro - Stadium.
Main menu
The ball is thrown in.
Players rushing after the ball
Next match
Managing the team
Improving the players' attributes
Ranking of our team
Match statistics

DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Main menu
The four different one-player modes
Upgrading players
I've bought a new forward on the market
Red passes the ball
Foul! What?! Violence is encouraged in this game!
Catching the ball isn't an easy task
Red is about to score some points!
Throw the ball through this lane for a points-multiplier bonus
Celebrating a goal
You'll also receive points for throwing the ball against a bounce dome
Another way to score points: hitting these stars
The ball is brought into play
Red tackles blue
He got mugged and is removed from the game. Brutal!
Red balls are electrified and can't be stopped.
Lost the match
Won the match

Game Boy version

Title screen
Main menu
Manager menu
Game on!
Fighting for the ball
The shame of defeat
Victory is ours!

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting the opponent for a single match
The ball will be thrown in any second.
Who gets the ball first?
An instant replay is shown after goal.
A rare moment of not being attacked
The player who has scored a goal slides triumphantly on his knees.
Team overview
Improving a player's values

Genesis version

Developer Opening Credits
Title Screen
Main Menu
Build your squad
The game begins
Slide tackle
another kind of slide, a victory slide!
scrapping for the ball
down and out
but there's always next time ...

J2ME version

Title screen
Options screen with various game modes
Goal scored!
It's getting a little rough here.
An overview of the players' qualities in the gym
Game won

SEGA Master System version

Splash screen
Title screen
The background story runs
Setting up a game
Let's try a knockout game
Next fixture
Setting up your player
The game is about to start
The ball flies into the air
Hot action near the goal
Goal! For the opponents, that is

Xbox 360 version

Title screen of the xbox360 arcade version
"Enhanced" Version (you can switch to Amiga graphic though)
Another top down view, two other angles possible
Slow motion window appear after a team score
Angle Mode 2
Angle Mode 3