SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Your heroine. You can create him/her yourself.
Dragons are your friend. Actually the main character is partly a dragon.
The Evil.
Dwarf mines. Fighting some old skeletons.
You can zoom to ground level.
Dwarf mines. Fighting some old skeletons.
Some talkative ghost.
From time to time you get to play rts part of the game.
See that big over-grown mutant? He just clobbered a dragon (who happens to be your Patriarch) unconscious, and we're supposed to clobber him back?
Dark Elves (PL)
Hero's menu (PL)
My heroine and Nightsong (Balladyna in PL)
Battle against skeletons
Enemy's army
Little battle
New build