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Atari 8-bit 6 3.8
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NES 11 2.8
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Combined User Score 17 3.2

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Commodore 64Zzap! (Jun, 1985)
Don't be deceived by the apparently poor presentation of the game on screen - there's great play lurking beneath the feeble exterior. With six large, interlinking levels to explore, all having incredibly tough and devious aspects about them, there's no chance of interest waning quickly. In all honesty I found it difficult to write anything, with Spelunker sitting seductively beside me.
NESRetro Game Reviews (May 15, 2017)
There's no doubting that Spelunker has some avoidable control issues that should have been fixed, but once you've figured out the trick to overcome them there's an exquisitely designed game here that surprises you at every turn. It's chock full of ideas and the gameplay has an impressive level of depth that's way ahead of its time.
Commodore 64TeleMatch (Nov, 1984)
Gesamt gesehen stellt sich “Spelunker“ als ein Konglomerat aus “Miner 2049er“, “Hart Hat Mack“ und anderen Verwandten dar. Ich vermisse Eigenständigkeit, vor allem aber eine wirklich neue Spielidee und — eben aufgrund der Vergleichsmöglichkeiten — somit Spielmotivation. Bei soviel Ähnlichkeiten ist die Luft zu schnell raus. Die vergleichsweise dürftige Grafik trägt dazu bei, daß man dieses Programm schnell wieder beiseite legt. Fledermäuse, Flammen und flackernde Vulkane allein machen‘s eben nicht.
50 (UK) (Sep 09, 2008)
The sad thing is, the caves actually seem like a lot of fun to explore - or at least they would be if the game didn't bump you off every time a gentle breeze blew a speck of dust into your shoe. The collision detection is sometimes wonky, and the stiff controls take some getting used to, but it's an otherwise-interesting platformer, let down by needlessly harsh gameplay.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Aug 06, 2000)
In Spelunker, you control a little miner in an underground area loaded with tunnels, elevators, and ropes. You can jump over obstacles, climb ropes, collect items, and even blow up boulders. Colorful and detailed, Spelunker's graphics are pleasing to the eye, and the stages are so well-designed that you'll want to explore every passage. Unfortunately, the awful controls will have you throwing down your controller in frustration. The main problem is the tricky, unforgiving jumping controls. Even fallling one inch is deadly! That's a shame, because Spelunker should have been a lot of fun.
WiiIGN (Mar 24, 2008)
And it won't hold your interest long, either, making Spelunker a download that isn't really worth its asking price of 500 Wii Points at all. As a classic platformer from the early '80s, Spelunker certainly has some nostalgic value and will surely appeal to those gamers who played one of its original forms from 25 years ago. But newcomers to the experience would simply be frustrated by the control, which is nonsensically strict. It'll only take a handful of deaths coming about as a result of a five-pixel-tall vertical fall before you hit the Home Button to quit playing, and that earns Spelunker the dubious honor of joining Urban Champion, The Legend of Kage and Operation Wolf as one of the least desirable NES downloads on sale in the Wii Shop.
WiiNintendo Life (Mar 18, 2008)
This is not to say that Spelunker isn’t fun for a while, but the frustrating controls, vindictive traps, and ever present threat of running out of air, all conspire together to make this very difficult to recommend to even the most patient retro gamer. Do yourself a favour and avoid this game. The NES isn’t short of platformers and almost every one of them is more balanced and enjoyable than this.
0 (Jun, 2013)
Spelunker should be a hearty cave explorer, not a 120-year-old with brittle bones. Also, three lives and you’re dead, no continues, no concessions. No thanks. A distinct gaming premise ruined by poor mechanics.