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Spelunker Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Fire-breathing enemy
Game Over

Spelunker Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Original splash screen in Micro GraphicImage release.
Broderbund re-release splash screen.
Broderbund re-release credits.
Taking the elevator into the cave.
Exploring the cave.
Taking an elevator down.
The ghost!
Get rid of the ghost (temporarily) with the flashlight.
Use dynamite to clear large obstructions.
Use the flare to get temporarily get rid of the bird.
Ride a mine car!

Spelunker Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Exploring caves...
Climbing down a rope...
Riding a platform past some dangers...
Now I'm trapped!

Spelunker Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Jump over enemies
Pick up the items
Use the elevator to move up or down

Spelunker Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Moving little platforms
Riding deeper...
Watery area
Climbing a rope
On a mine cart; watch out for the danger overhead and proceed with caution
A ghost is on the spelunker's tail
Climb the stairs for a precious key
Find a way to one of several idols necessary to complete your quest
After completing the game, the player has the opportunity to complete a cave that's a different color
Game Over
On automatic elevator
I took all things, that time to go back
Ghost chases me, and I have to be careful.